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Are Wall Street Investors Pumping Up The Next Housing Bubble?

Areas like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami — all hit pretty hard by the collapse of the last housing bubble — are now seeing home prices rise at rates above the national average. But rather than this being an indicator that these areas are finally recovering, some worry that it’s just a lot of hot air being pumped into another bubble by Wall Street investors. [More]

Greendale, raccoon-free by 2014!

Law Would Forbid Colleges From Using Federal Money For Advertising

The nation’s 15 largest for-profit colleges get nearly 90% of their annual revenue from federal aid programs for students. New legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate today would prevent any of that money being used on advertising, marketing and recruitment. [More]

Grocery Shrink Ray Zaps Pop Secret Popcorn

Grocery Shrink Ray Zaps Pop Secret Popcorn

Consumerist reader Bryan says he tends to buy a new box of Pop Secret microwave popcorn every month or so. But while he was putting away his groceries the other day he noticed that the new box seemed a bit thinner than he’d become accustomed to. [More]