Ricky's notion of "free" is questionable.

Ricky’s, Where A “Free” Travel-Size Shampoo Will Cost You $7

Earlier today, Consumerist reader Steve popped into Ricky’s — a chain of stores in NYC — to pick up some of his usual pomade. On the shelf, he saw what initially appears to be a good deal — a free travel-size shampoo with the purchase of a tin of pomade. But something struck Steve as being off about this deal. [More]

Make Your Own Sweet CoCo Pomade At Home

Make Your Own Sweet CoCo Pomade At Home

Here’s a quick and cheap recipe for making your own pomade, a waxy material you can use to style your hair, at home. (Remember pomade? It’s that stuff George Clooney is obsessed with for greasing up his locks in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.) [More]