Warner Brothers forgot to include the advertised iPod-compatible digital file on its Blu-ray copy of “Speed Racer.” It’s now offering an online trade, where owners of the disc can exchange their PlaysForSure authorization code for an iTunes store redemption code. (When filling out the form, for “Support Request Type” select “Authorization Code and Licenses”.) [warnerbros] (Thanks to Sabler!)

New Die Hard DVD's Digital Extras: Too Little Too Late?

New Die Hard DVD's Digital Extras: Too Little Too Late?

Well, the details of 20th Century Fox’s new digital experiment are now public: the DVD of “Live Free Or Die Harder,” which goes on sale tomorrow, will allow purchasers to transfer a digital copy of the movie twice, once to their PC’s hard drive and once onto a PlaysForSure portable device. If you’ve got an iPod device or even a Zune, you won’t be able to do anything with it.

Die Hard DVD Will Ship With Ripped Movie File Included

Die Hard DVD Will Ship With Ripped Movie File Included

20th Century Fox has announced that the special-edition DVD for “Live Free or Die Hard” will include a “DRM-free” computer file of the movie, playable through Windows’ PlaysForSure software. We suppose you can call this DRM-free, but it obviously doesn’t mean it’s not restricted. To access the file, you will have to insert the disc into your computer, then enter an authorization code that’s included in the DVD case. Once it’s copied over, you can play it on your PC or portable media players that use the PlaysForSure software.