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You Can Record Movies Off Netflix, Or Music Off Spotify, But You’re Not Allowed To

Once upon a time, in the long-long ago bygone years of the 20th century, teenagers communicated their feelings through a medium known as the mix tape. Those of us who can remember tape cassettes can remember hitting “record” on a boom box at exactly the right moment when a favorite song started on the radio or, as the ’90s waned into the shadow of Y2K, recording tracks off a bunch of CDs into one themed tape to play in the car or slip into the hand of a not-so-secret crush. [More]

What Should A "Lifetime License" To Software Really Include?

What Should A "Lifetime License" To Software Really Include?

C. was an early adopter of PlayOn, a video streaming service that lets users stream all sorts of free video content from Windows PCs to a variety of devices. PlayOn recently changed their pricing structure, and C. tells Consumerist that they’re upset that the “Lifetime License” that cost $40 at launch had a rather short lifetime. Or did it? [More]