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Report: Panasonic Planning To Ditch The Plasma TV Market Next Year

If you’re thinking of buying a plasma TV from Panasonic, you might want to hop on it lickety-split: A new report says Panasonic is wiping its hands of the plasma business by March 2014. It’s all turning into a losing business prospect for the Japanese company and the TV industry in general. [More]

Pay No Attention To The Flickering Excited Pixel On Your Plasma TV

Pay No Attention To The Flickering Excited Pixel On Your Plasma TV

Joshua has only had his Panasonic 3-D plasma TV for six months, so it’s still well within the initial one-year warranty. It’s developed a strange problem where one particular area of the screen glows bright green, flickers, and is hot to the touch. Once Panasonic was able to find someone on staff capable of viewing the YouTube video he sent in as evidence, they ultimately concluded that a hot flickering pixel is not covered by the warranty. Really? Somehow, he expected more after dropping $1,500 on a TV.


Maybe Your New TV Is Watching You

Maybe Your New TV Is Watching You

It’s the entire point, really. New smart TVs from Samsung boast video cameras with facial-recognition software and microphones with speech-recognition software. They can tell who’s in the room, understand spoken commands, and be controlled with gestures. That’s great news for those of us who can never find the remote, but made our friends over at HD Guru wonder: is there anyone behind that camera watching us back?