No, IKEA Is Not Selling A Rainbow Pillowcase Called “PUTIN”

No, IKEA Is Not Selling A Rainbow Pillowcase Called “PUTIN”

The Internet, while a vast and varied resource rich in information on innumerable topics, is also a rascally son of a boomerang and will often regurgitate fiction as fact. To that end: Though a photo circulating Twitter yesterday appeared to show a rainbow-striped pillowcase called the “PUTIN” on sale at an IKEA store, the company says it doesn’t sell that particular item anymore and oh yeah, it was never named after the president of Russia. [More]

Will you, Nicolas? Will you really?

The Number Of Nicolas Cage Pillowcases For Sale On The Internet Is Truly Astounding

All those nights lying awake, wondering where Nicolas Cage is, what he’s doing, how his dreams are unfolding, and wishing you could be slumbering cheek-to-cheek aren’t hopeless, after all. Because beyond any human reasoning we can summon forth, there are pages and pages of pillowcases featuring the star of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. [More]