(Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie)

Why Does Popcorn Pop, Anyway?

There is perhaps no other sound in the culinary world that evokes immediate recognition quite like the noise popcorn makes when it’s popping, whether in a pan on the stove, a bag in the microwave or some kind of popping machine. But while we know the temperature at which popcorn pops*, why exactly corn makes that popping noise when turning itself into those fluffy kernels is a question science hadn’t quite answered yet… until now [cue suspenseful music]. [More]

How does this board work?

Pizzeria Uno Now Offers Soups That Defy The Laws Of Physics

On a chilly fall day, maybe you would like a nice thick bowl of soup. Pizzeria Uno can help you out with that. Timothy noticed something strange on this ad for Pizzeria Uno. A wooden board inexplicably tilts all of the food toward each other, and a delicious bowl of soup doesn’t even shift when it’s tilted at an angle toward the pizzas. [More]