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Would You Still Eat That If You Knew How Much Exercise It’ll Take To Burn It Off?

There are times when we feel like throwing caloric caution to the wind and just chowing down on whatever we darn please. But if the evidence is staring you right in the face, with cold hard facts about how much exercise it will take to burn off that food or beverage, would you change your eating habits? [More]

Turn Couch Potato Time Into A Workout

Turn Couch Potato Time Into A Workout

Being a sports fan requires you to spend several hours a weekend in front of your TV, and three-hour commitments every Saturday and Sunday to cheer on your favorite college and NFL teams can make it tougher to squeeze in weekend workouts. No matter how much the pathetic teams to which you’re devoted make your blood boil, you’re still not burning many calories when you’re watching TV. [More]