Smithsonian Museums Ban Use Of Selfie Sticks, Still Encourage Selfies

When documenting a trip to the nation’s capital, tourists might enjoy having a few photographs of themselves against the backdrops of the memorials and monuments that fill the city. But if you were thinking of using a selfie stick to get just the right angle while posing in front of the Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum, you might want to think again.  [More]

The image uploaded to Wikimedia Commons was taken by a macaque monkey who had briefly snatched away a professional photographer's camera.

Wikimedia: Camera-Owner Doesn’t Hold Copyright To Monkey Selfie

If I take a photo with your camera, who holds the rights to the image? After all, I’m the photographer; you just happened to own the camera. What if I’m a non-human animal who can’t hold copyright — does that automatically mean the copyright defaults to the camera’s owner? Not according to Wikimedia, the organization behind Wikipedia. [More]

There Aren't Any Jobs Because These Five People Work Everywhere

There Aren't Any Jobs Because These Five People Work Everywhere

There’s a funny post at the blog Fair Trade Photographer about cheap stock photography, particularly how companies who try to cut corners end up using the same image over and over. Barton has a serious message for companies, too: if you want us to trust you, maybe you shouldn’t put a generic stock photo of generic office people on your generic website.


Mykl Roventine has an amazing set of photos of last year’s Minnesota State Fair over at Flickr. It’s a confetti-colored slice of Americana, and a great collection of both fair food and the signage that advertises it. Cheer yourself up. [MN State Fair at Flickr]