Amazon Prime Members Can Share Their Photo Storage With Others

Amazon Prime Members Can Share Their Photo Storage With Others

In yet another step in Amazon’s seemingly endless attempts to bulk up its $99/year Prime membership features, the e-commerce giant will now let members share their unlimited photo storage space with up to five friends or family members.  [More]


No One At Snapfish Knows How To Upload A Photo That Won’t Be Cropped

Gil was under the impression that a company that lets you print photo books would actually let him add in his own collages without cropping the heck out of them. Not so fast, Gil! He wrote in to let us know that his issues with the Snapfish book-making interface were bad, but his problems with the company’s customer service were even worse. He worked on a book of his pictures from his sister’s wedding, laying out the pages in collages and taking a lot of care to do so. The Snapfish software cropped his photos very severely, and no one in customer service could help him. His book got delayed long past his holiday deadline. [More]


How Does Shutterfly Still Exist?

More than one thousand online photo-printing services have entered the marketplace in the history of the Web. Only a few remain. The most successful survivor is Shutterfly, founded in 1999. The 16 billion pictures currently sitting on Shutterfly’s servers aren’t your garden-variety snapshots of sandwiches and shoes. The pictures on Shutterfly are treasured images, and destined to decorate photobooks, prints, calendars, wall decals, mugs, greeting cards, and other items.


Snapfish Gives Customer Free Prints For Bad Weather

Snapfish Gives Customer Free Prints For Bad Weather

Troy in Texas ordered his photo Christmas cards a bit late from Snapfish, and experienced something beautiful and unexpected: the company offered customers store credit to make up for weather delays that weren’t even the company’s fault. Gasp!