Bootlooping Issues With Nexus 6P Lead To Runaround From Manufacturer Huawei

Bootlooping Issues With Nexus 6P Lead To Runaround From Manufacturer Huawei

Imagine you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, and after only five months your device gets stuck in an endless cycle of rebooting. You’d hope the manufacturer would rush you a new phone and apologize for the inconvenience… only to end up caught in an endless loop of inept customer service. [More]

Walmart Adding Express Pharmacy & Money Services To Mobile App

Walmart Adding Express Pharmacy & Money Services To Mobile App

In a bid to get you in and out of stores quickly and efficiently, Walmart is turning to its digital offerings. The big box retailer plans to roll out upgrades to its mobile app that will allow customers of its pharmacy and money service departments to complete some transactions through their phones and pick up items at new, dedicated “express lanes.”  [More]


Nokia Reportedly Relaunching 3310 Phone 17 Years After Debut

What’s old is new again: Finnish manufacturer HMD Global is reportedly set to re-launch the iconic Nokia 3310 later this month, bringing back memories of heavier, non-smart phones. [More]

Matthew Hurst

BlackBerry Brand Phones Returning To The Market, Designed And Made By Another Company

Take heart, Blackberry fans: new Blackberry-branded smartphones will be on the market soon. While the company gave up designing and manufacturing its own devices, and now designs only software for smartphones, it will continue to license that work to other manufacturers. China’s TCL will design, make, and sell BlackBerry devices in mot of the world. [More]

William Hook

iPhone Owners Complain That iOS Update Drains Batteries Unexpectedly

A week after Apple admitted that some iPhone 6S batteries weren’t woking properly and agreed to fix the power source for free, the company’s latest iOS update has been found to unexpectedly drain device batteries in a matter of seconds.  [More]

Is Google Shutting Down The Accounts Of Users Who Resell Their Pixel Phones?

Is Google Shutting Down The Accounts Of Users Who Resell Their Pixel Phones?

Hundreds of people who ordered Google Pixel phones and then resold them are reportedly finding themselves locked out of their Google accounts, potentially causing a lot of headaches for anyone who enjoys having access to their emails, photos, and other files. [More]

Mike Mozart

Boost Mobile Experiments With Not Giving Away Phones, Quickly Retreats

Giving new customers an inexpensive phone for free, or a credit toward a pricier phone isn’t a big deal, right? Boost Mobile apparently didn’t realize what kind of effect it would have on their customers when it got rid of free phones. The experiment only lasted for two months. [More]

Google Handing Out $50 Play Store Credit Over Delayed Pixel Phones

Google Handing Out $50 Play Store Credit Over Delayed Pixel Phones

Minor delays are not rare in the world of electronics, but that doesn’t mean customers are any less annoyed when they find out their much-awaited new phone will not arrive as soon as expected. So it helps when companies throw in free money to ease the sting of a delay. [More]

T-Mobile Wants To Subsidize Your Google Pixel, Sort Of

T-Mobile Wants To Subsidize Your Google Pixel, Sort Of

You may remember that T-Mobile was the carrier that pushed the rest of the wireless industry into selling phones without traditional contracts, but with interest-free installment plans. Now, though, T-Mobile wants to take advantage of the publicity surrounding Google’s Pixel phone and… subsidize it for you. Sort of. [More]


Galaxy Note 7 Owners Sue Samsung After Being Left Without Phones For Weeks

Before any official recall was announced, Samsung offered replacement devices or refunds to owners of potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7 phones, but some customers maintain that the company still left them hanging without a smartphone for too long. [More]

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Apple: No Evidence Apple Store Workers Stole Photos From Customers’ iPhones

Even though Apple fired several Apple Store employees accused of stealing photos from female customers’ iPhones, the company says that there is no evidence that any such theft occurred. [More]

Google Needs To Step Up Support To Sell Its Own Smartphones

Google Needs To Step Up Support To Sell Its Own Smartphones

Google’s customer support has come a long way since it first began selling Nexus mobile phones and Google Voice number ports to customers. However, the success of its new suite of devices depends on how well it’s able to provide customer and technical support for those devices. [More]

Ninja M.

BlackBerry Won’t Be Designing Or Building Its Own Devices Anymore

BlackBerry is taking a big step back from the company it used to be, announcing today that it’s planning to stop designing and building its own devices, and will instead outsource that work to manufacturers. [More]


Sprint CEO: This Whole Note 7 Recall Thing Will Be Forgotten In 6 Months

Despite weeks of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 grabbing headlines — first for reports of exploding devices, then for the drawn-out process that eventually led to an official recall — at least one person thinks the whole controversy will be forgotten sooner rather than later. [More]


T-Mobile: Apple Has Fixed iOS 10 Connectivity Issues, So Go Ahead And Update

T-Mobile customers using the iPhone 6, 6S, and SE can now go ahead and install to iOS 10, as the company says Apple has issued a fix to address connectivity issues some folks reported this week after updating their phones. [More]


iPhone Upgrade Program Members Sue Apple, Claim They Couldn’t Get New Phones

As you might expect for the heavily hyped device, pre-orders of the new Apple iPhone 7 were snatched up quickly. However, members of Apple’s own iPhone Upgrade Program — which promised an easy trade-in process each year — claim there were unfairly shut out from ordering the new device.

Mike Mozart

Comcast Customers Report Nationwide Phone Outage

If you happen to be a Comcast voice subscriber and were planning to make a barrage of calls today, you’re probably have a difficult time going about your business. That’s because Comcast appears to have been hit with a wide-ranging outage of its phone service. [More]

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active Fails The Dunk Test

When a product says it’s water resistant, you probably aren’t going to test that claim out yourself (at least not intentionally). That’s why we’ve got the fine folks at Consumer Reports, who recently subjected the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active to a “dunk test” to see if the phone would live up to its watertight claims. [More]