Georgia Bill To Make Cell Carrier Contracts Less Restrictive

A Republican state senator in Georgia has filed a bill that aims to prohibit cell phone service providers from forcing customers to restart their contracts just to move to a new rate plan. The pandering doublespeak from the cellular service providers in this article is sickening.

Kristin Wallace, spokeswoman for Sprint Nextel. “In principle, Sprint Nextel believes the competitive wireless marketplace is serving its consumers well and that regulation of wireless service would be harmful to innovation and costly for consumers.”

Caran Smith, a spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless, said … “By limiting a carrier’s contract options, the state in effect is limiting a consumer’s flexibility to move to rate plans and take advantage of services that meet their wireless needs.”

We understand that to subsidize the cost of phones your carrier wants to lock you into a contract—really, we get it. But there’s no way to justify the inability to switch plans to suit your needs within your contract period. (Not to mention the inability to purchase your own phone independent of the carrier subsidy and use their service on a month-to-month basis without using pre-paid.) (Thanks, Erendira!)

T-Mobile and Cingular Call Records Available for Purchase Online

T-Mobile and Cingular Call Records Available for Purchase Online

Lest you think your cell phone records were private—even if you are a high-profile candidate for the U.S. presidency—AMERICAblog has proved you incorrect by purchasing General Wesley Clark’s cell phone records for $89.95.

Former Cingular CSR Speaks: “Having worked there I would never do business with them.”

Steve W. is a reformed call center representative for Cingular who wrote in just to share his experiences during the storied Cingular/AT&T merger. If you ever had any reason to wonder why your account might have been screwed up during the transfer, his account sheds quite a bit of light.

I just wanted to drop you guys a line about Cingular. I was until recently an employee, I was a Call Center Rep. for the Northeast Region, thats pretty much everything north of Virginia not including NYC and New Jersey. Also I’m not particularly disgruntled, I left of my own accord for a better position but I thought I would shed some light on the practices that lead to the problems that some of your readers experience.

More AT&T Wireless Customers Boned by Cingular

More AT&T Wireless Customers Boned by Cingular

Since first we spoke of troubles with Cingular, many of you have taken the time to write us with your own stories—especially stories about the troubles since the Cingular and AT&T Wireless merger.

Consumers Speak: Sprint Nextel’s Shoddy Refurb Treos

Oz writes:

I have a business account with Sprint and every now and again, damage my equiptment – which results in a call to Lockline, there handset insurance contractor.

Every Verizon Customer Service Number Ever

Every Verizon Customer Service Number Ever

Want to know exactly how to reach the appropriate customer service tech at Verizon? Just look them up on this handy list of every number they have.

Big Idea: Don’t Wait on Hold, Collect $20

Seth Godin proposes customers get a reward for using the phone to call companies, as an incentive to leave their information and get a callback:

“Hi, you’ve reached us when we’re too busy. Quick, write down this code: 123×23. Now, give us your phone number. When we call back (within an hour, we promise), give us the code and we’ll pay you $20 on the spot for the hassle in getting this order processed.”

Call center justice is one of our most petted peeves, so for us this idea resonates. Sadly, since most customer interaction is measured on a per-transaction basis by the management, we doubt they would be willing to fork over any rewards of substance just so they can sell to you.