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Plugging Your Phone In Overnight: To Charge, Or Not To Charge?

Anyone who’s ever jolted awake 30 minutes late for work because their phone’s battery died, thus keeping the device’s alarm clock from going off, may have been tempted to keep that thing plugged in all night, ensuring full battery. But is that overnight charge a good idea? [More]

Examples of unapproved chargers. (SMH)

Woman Electrocuted And Killed While Talking On Phone Plugged Into Faulty USB Charger

If you’re still one of those people pish-toshing the idea that buying counterfeit or unapproved electronics and accessories can be dangerous, you should learn something from a recent tragedy in Australia. A 28-year-old woman was killed there while talking on a phone that she’d plugged into a faulty USB charger, prompting authorities to warn consumers everywhere against using such devices. [More]

AT&T Tries To Save World With New ZERO Charger

AT&T Tries To Save World With New ZERO Charger

In case you didn’t know — though if you’re a Consumerist reader, you probably do — that cell phone charger you have plugged into your wall socket is pulling power even when you’re not charging your phone. AT&T figures that enough power is wasted in the U.S. alone to power 24,000 homes for a year. That’s why they’ve gone all eco-savvy on us and announced their new ZERO charger.


E.U. Agrees To Universal Standard For Phone Chargers

E.U. Agrees To Universal Standard For Phone Chargers

Ugh, next time those snooty Europeans come over to blanket us with their Euro-gold, they’ll have one more reason to be all smug and superior: ten of the world’s largest telecoms have agreed to make a universal phone charger that can charge any phone sold in the European Union.