Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Are Planning A Game Boy Advance Karaoke Party

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Are Planning A Game Boy Advance Karaoke Party

Back in 2003, MP3 players were relatively new and rare, and an interesting device hit the shelves at Best Buy: a Game Boy Advance peripheral that would turn your handheld gaming device into a handheld music and recording device. It went off the market at some time, probably around the same time that the Game Boy Advance itself did. Like all discontinued and long-obsolete electronics, though, it lives on…at Walmart. [More]

Hard Drives Should Come in Two Packs

Thomas Hawk got burnt by a LaCie Big Disk external hard drive—let his experience be a lesson to you. While LaCie’s products may be a middling quality, hard disks, as built with modern manufacturing techniques, should be presumed to be disposable. There was a time not that long ago that a hard disk would last many years, but those days are almost certainly over. We’re not sure exactly what has changed, but there’s a reason that hard disk manufacturers don’t offer five year warranties anymore.

Morning Deals Round Up

•’s Famous Valentine Day Sale is back, featuring 100 assorted condoms from brands including Durex, Trojan, Lifestyles, Okamoto, Viva, and Beyond Seven for just $20.