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Man Leaves Ghost-Pepper Eating Contest With Hole In His Esophagus

While chowing down as fast as you can on one of the hottest peppers known to humankind might sound like a good id– wait, no, that pretty much sounds like my nightmare. And it can be dangerous, as one man found out after getting a one-inch hole in his esophagus after he participated in a ghost pepper-eating contest. [More]

(Dyanna Hyde)

6,215 Pounds Of Serrano Chile Peppers Recalled For Extra-Spicy Salmonella

Serrano chile peppers add delicious spiciness to your meals, but do you know what is not a delicious fresh ingredient? Salmonella. Random testing turned up signs of the pathogen in a batch of peppers sold in Meijer stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Peppers in that batch may have also ended up at other retailers, including Publix, Walmart, and Harris Teeter. [More]

This Habanero Sauce Includes 100% Cayenne Peppers. Wait, What?

This Habanero Sauce Includes 100% Cayenne Peppers. Wait, What?

When is a habanero pepper still a habanero pepper? When it’s a cayenne pepper. We aren’t experts on the spiciest of spicy foods, but we’re still kind of confused at about this sauce that reader Chris found in Whole Foods. “It’s a ‘Habanero Pepper Sauce’ that contains no habanero peppers,” he writes. “It always pays to read the ingredients.” How does this even make sense? [More]

Walmart Takes Salmonella Peppers Very Seriously

Walmart Takes Salmonella Peppers Very Seriously

THE QUOTE: “Obviously, food safety is very important to us. It’s a matter we take very seriously,” said Walmart spokesperson Daphne Davis Moore . “We’ll take a very close look at it.”

FDA: Go Ahead And Eat Tomatoes, We Give Up

FDA: Go Ahead And Eat Tomatoes, We Give Up

Well, the FDA isn’t sure what caused that salmonella outbreak, but they’re lifting the tomato warning anyway, according to the Associated Press. They’d still appreciate it if you tried not to eat raw jalapeno and serrano peppers, because, well, they have to tell you not to eat something, I guess.