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Woman Bites Down On Rare Pearl In Her Food While Dining At Her Favorite Italian Restaurant

We can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve heard about someone chomping down on an unexpected item in their food, but usually in those cases, something gross is happening and the customer is upset. One diner in Washington who encountered the unusual in her meal came away from her experience with a much more appetizing prize than usual, however: a rare purple pearl. [More]

OutOfYourLife.Com: The Man Eater's Cash4Gold?

OutOfYourLife.Com: The Man Eater's Cash4Gold?

Here’s a common problem: we have many ex-lovers, who have put ice on our wrists and given us countless pearl necklaces. But these wealthy suitors have left our hearts broken and in this economy, we’re hurting for cash. Thankfully, we discovered Out of Your Life (motto: “It’s time to break up with his jewelry, too”), who will buy our tear-stained jewelry back from us!