Michael Daddino

Bank Of America Must Pay Family $1 Million For 5 Years Of Unwanted Robocalls

If you’ve got a problem paying your mortgage, the bank is allowed to call you about collecting that debt. But after you’ve repeatedly told the bank — verbally and in writing — to stop robocalling your cellphone, it should do so. And if a recent ruling by a federal court in Florida holds up, Bank of America will have to fork over more than $1 million to a couple who say the bank spent five years ignoring their demands for the calls to cease. [More]

Neighbors Bill Hotel $21,000 For Sleepless Nights From Noisy Parties

Neighbors Bill Hotel $21,000 For Sleepless Nights From Noisy Parties

First we brought you a story about hotel guests unable to sleep because of noises outside the building, now it’s a tale of woe from the opposite side of the looking glass, with residents on one Manhattan street sending a bill for its sleepless nights to a neighboring hotel full of party-goers. [More]

AT&T Tries To Stick Customer With $20,000 Phone

AT&T Tries To Stick Customer With $20,000 Phone Bill

If someone steals your credit card info and buys $20,000 worth of junk you would never purchase, there are laws in place to protect you. But if someone does that to your small business’s AT&T account, the company tells you that you now owe them $20,000.