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Supreme Court Takes On Amazon Warehouse Workers’ Case Over Unpaid Time

Supreme Court Takes On Amazon Warehouse Workers’ Case Over Unpaid Time

Should warehouse workers have to spend their own free time waiting for security procedures after their work shift is done, or should companies like Amazon have them on the clock during that process? Amazon workers have been fighting to collect pay for that time spent in line waiting for security checks, and the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear their case. [More]

Tussling with the A.G.

New York A.G. Subpoenas Airbnb For User Data On 15,000 Renters

On the heels of AirBnB’s apparent triumph in New York City over the right of its users to rent out part of their homes, the company now finds itself caught in the state’s baleful gaze: New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed data from the company as part of an investigation into the website. [More]

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Man Fined $2,400 For Renting Out Apartment Because Airbnb Is Technically Illegal In NYC

As a certain political candidate once put it so very accurately, “the rent is too damn high.” New York City dwellers know this all too well, which is why services like Airbnb can be a boon to anyone who doesn’t want to waste rent money on an empty apartment or bedroom should they be out of town. But one man who rented out part of his apartment to an Airbnb customer now has to pay $2,400 to NYC, all because of a city law intended to discourage illegal hotels. [More]

Families Displaced By Storm Accuse Hotels Of Gouging

Families Displaced By Storm Accuse Hotels Of Gouging

Over this past weekend, some crazy rains tore a path through a portion of the Mid-Atlantic, leaving entire areas without power or other utilities and forcing some residents to turn to hotels for shelter. But some people in New Jersey have accused local hotel operators of trying to cash in on area residents’ misfortune. [More]