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Brooklyn Garage Offering Parking Spot For Bargain Price Of $300K

In a city where people live in teeny tiny apartments that cost thousands of dollars a month, it’s no surprise that parking in New York City can get also get expensive. But one Brooklyn garage is upping the ante on pricey perks, offering a prime parking spot for just $300,000. [More]

This guy is ready. (frankieleon)

NYC Building Selling 10 Parking Spots For $1 Million Each Because Obviously

There you are, sitting in the midst of all those piles of cash, having bought all the things you’ve ever dreamed of buying (an end to student loan debt, a cheese cave for every home and a yacht named The Aaron Rodgers) and the garbage bin is entirely full. But how will you throw your money away now? Perhaps you’d be interested in owning one of 10 million-dollar parking spots in New York City. [More]


Parking Is So Bad In Boston, Woman Is Willing To Pay $560,000 For Two Spots

Although I may not have my very own set of wheels to tool around town in, I know that finding a parking spot is a golden moment, a second of bliss often accompanied by tiny parking fairies raining down happy dust. But apparently the parking situation is so bad in Boston, one woman was willing to plunk down $560,000 for two parking spots. [More]


93-Year-Old Woman Sues Co-Op For Booting Her From Parking Spot She’s Had For 30 Years

Owning a car in New York City is a daunting feat, mostly because parking is either nonexistent or costs an arm and a leg. Or maybe both arms and both legs and a kidney. That’s why a 93-year-old grandmother of 17 is suing her co-op , claiming it wrongfully ousted her from the spot she’s had her car parked in for over 30 years. The 1967 Cadillac Coupe convertible had been resting comfortably in its place in the garage since 1981 until the co-op revoked the woman’s parking privileges. [More]