Yet Another Reason Not To Count On Rebates

Brook has waited since November for a $100 rebate from Each time she asks for the status of the rebate, she is told by rebate-processor Parago that the rebate is in the “final stages of processing” and will be ready, let’s say, next month.

I know the warnings about rebates, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Remember back in November when the Hanns-g 19″ monitors had that $100 rebate? I ended up getting it from, a reputable merchant whom I thought would deal with a reputable agency to pay their rebates. WRONG.

As a rule of thumb, purchase items expecting not to get the rebate. If the rebate comes through, great – treat it as a bonus. Always remember, rebate companies work very hard to deny your rebate. Parago has even admitted that most rebates are a scam.

Rebate-Processor Parago Caught In A Lie

Rebate-Processor Parago Caught In A Lie

Parago rejected Rob’s $18 rebate request because of a missing UPC. Rob had purchased Smith Micro’s Anonymizer Anonymous Surfing from He writes:

I sent everything in as requested, and when they posted my rebate, they claimed that I did not submit the UPC. Luckily, not only did I follow all the directions, but from an article I read on your site, I took photo pictures of my original submission.

We love photos. Especially photos that catch corporations blatantly lying to their customers.

Rebate Company Admits Rebates Are A Scam

That’s the gist a reasonable person would gather from the language surrounding U.S. Patent No. 7,120,591, granted yesterday to Parago, the company behind Circuit City rebates.