Federal Government Takes Taxpayers’ Refunds To Cover Decades-Old Overpayments

In a massive program like Social Security, sometimes people get overpayments ranging from a few bucks to a few thousand bucks. It used to be that if whatever government entity overpaid a family didn’t catch up with them and recoup the money, the statute of limitations on the debt would run out after ten years. A teeny section of the 2008 farm bill changed that, and now the government is snatching up taxpayers’ refunds to cover their dead parents’ decades-old debts. [More]

Verizon's Billing System Prevents Overpayments, Annoys Customer

Verizon's Billing System Prevents Overpayments, Annoys Customer

Eric recently acquired some new smartphones, charging them to his Verizon bill. Seems straightforward enough. The problem was that when he went to pay that bill, the charge still hadn’t hit his account. He tried to make an overpayment so he could start working on paying off the bill for the new phones, but the system wouldn’t let him. A mobile phone company doesn’t want its customers to send it money? That can’t be right. [More]