overdraft charges

Time-stamped debit purchases will now be processed in the order in which they are made, not from highest-to-lowest in value.

BOfA Stops Overdraft-Friendly Practice Of Re-Ordering Transactions From High To Low

As we’ve noted multiple times over the years, some banks love to lump all transactions made by a customer during a day or weekend together and then process them not in the order they were received, but from largest to smallest. For customers on the brink of overdrafting, this can result in numerous fees that may have been avoided if the charges had been processed chronologically. In a rare bit of positive Bank of America news, the bank has decided to stop this high-to-low transaction processing (for many debit purchases). [More]

Bank Of America Sides With Fraudster, Holds Money

Bank Of America Sides With Fraudster, Holds Money Hostage

Some criminal has joined with Bank of America to make John’s life hell. Multiple fraud investigations have froze what little of John’s money remains after overdraft fees have sucked it dry before BofA decided there were no errors or fraud on his account. Fed up, John has closed his account but wants his money back. [More]