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Do People Go Gun Shopping With Zombies In Mind?

Between “The Walking Dead” and “Warm Bodies,” there’s a lot of zombie-related entertainment in the zeitgeist right now. But do people have a possible zombie apocalypse in mind when they’re looking for firearms to defend themselves in an emergency? Maybe. Sort of. Not really. [More]

The flowers Teresa got.

Not-So-Local Florist Disappoints My Mom With Subpar Roses

The Consumerist Garden of Discontent is a recurring theme on this site, because it seems that delivered flowers will never quite measure up to the photos in catalogs or on the website. In hindsight, Teresa wishes that she had just picked up a few bouquets at Trader Joe’s and presented them to her mom in person before she left town. She could have done some quality control, and the end result would have been a lot prettier. [More]