Banks To Offer Foreclosure Reviews To More Than 4 Million People

Banks To Offer Foreclosure Reviews To More Than 4 Million People

Millions of Americans have lost their homes in the last few years and — as any reader of Consumerist knows — the banks who foreclosed on those properties have also made more than their fair share of errors. Thus, starting today, 14 of the country’s largest mortgage servicers are contacting millions of foreclosed-upon former homeowners to offer them the opportunity to have their cases independently reviewed. [More]

Middlemen Blocking Mortgage Mods

Middlemen Blocking Mortgage Mods

Homeowners trying to get loan mods often run into resistance by banks who say they’re powerless because they need to protect the interests of investors. But ProPublica reports a recent lawsuit uncovered a document where, when HSBC polled investors, a majority of those responding say they favored letting the loans being modified. [More]