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Fandango Launching Online Store To Peddle Movie Merchandise Along With Tickets

Because going to the movies isn’t expensive enough, Comcast-owned ticket-selling siteFandango is launching an online store, dubbed FanShip, to sell you merchandise related to the films you go to see. [More]

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Macy’s To Open LensCrafters Shops Inside 280 Stores By The End Of 2017

Macy’s is no stranger to the store-within-a-store concept, having already teamed up with Best Buy and Sunglass Hut to set up dedicated areas for the retailers to sell their products inside the department store. Now, the company is taking that same concept further in a deal with LensCrafters to sell eyeglasses, contacts, and other vision products. [More]

Facebook, Shopify Let Users Buy Stuff Straight From Messenger

Facebook, Shopify Let Users Buy Stuff Straight From Messenger

For all its popularity, Facebook has yet to convince users or businesses to think of the social media network as an e-commerce platform; but not for lack of trying.  It recently tested shops built directly into retailers’ Facebook pages, created a dedicated shopping feed, and just this week launched Marketplace, a competitor to Craigslist.  Now comes a new feature that will let Facebook users browse and buy from retailers through Facebook Messenger. [More]


Airbnb Inches Closer To Full-Service Trip-Planner With Latest Acquisition

Airbnb has had success in providing a platform for travelers looking to stay somewhere other than hotels, but lodging is only one aspect of a trip. Where to eat? What to see? Airbnb’s recent acquisition of a startup travel-planning service shows that the company is inching toward offering one-stop shopping for travelers. [More]

Would You Buy A New Summer Outfit While Purchasing Eggs At The Local Supermarket?

Would You Buy A New Summer Outfit While Purchasing Eggs At The Local Supermarket?

While Target and Walmart have convinced millions of shoppers to buy groceries at the same store where you buy your furniture, towels, TVs, and just about anything else, traditional supermarket chains have not made much of a push to sell clothing to customers popping in to stock up on eggs, milk, and bread. But one Hy-Vee store in Minnesota is hoping to open shoppers’ eyes to a brave new world by including a clothing boutique alongside all the groceries.


IRS Now Accepting Cash Tax Payments At Your Local 7-Eleven

Jonesing for a Slurpee and still need to pay your taxes? You can kill two birds with one stone with the Internal Revenue Service’s new payment option: taxpayers can fork over what they owe in cash at one of the participating 7,000 7-Eleven locations in the country. [More]


KLM Passengers Can Use Facebook Messenger To Access Boarding Passes, Flight Info

Facebook is continuing its efforts to transform Messenger from simply a chatting platform into a customer service portal with a foray into travel: the social media company announced a new partnership with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that will let the carrier’s customers access their boarding pass and other flight information through the Messenger app. [More]

Verizon, AT&T To Open 250 “Experience Stores” Inside Best Buy Locations

Verizon, AT&T To Open 250 “Experience Stores” Inside Best Buy Locations

Could Best Buy be the new one-stop shop for all your mobile service needs? That seems to be goal of the electronics retailer as it continues the expansion of its store-within-a-store concept by adding dedicated Verizon and AT&T showcases in its U.S. stores.


Robbing The Bank Isn’t The Best Way To Turn A Negative Account Balance Into A Positive

Many banks are a one-stop shop for financial services — you need to withdraw money? Cool, do that there. Get a loan? Sure, you can ask about that. But if you’re inquiring about a negative account balance, the best way to turn that red account into a black one is not robbing the bank itself. That’s one deposit that’ll be tough to make. [More]