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Staffers & Experts Explain Why Walmart Can’t (And Maybe Shouldn’t) Change The Oil In Your Fiat

Yesterday we told you about the Walmart customer who didn’t understand why his local Walmart refused to change the oil in his 2012 Fiat 500. He was simply told it was because the car wasn’t in “the book.” We asked if anyone could shine some light on this issue — and you responded. [More]


Walmart Won’t Change The Oil In My Fiat Because It’s Not “In The Book”

For a few years in the ’90s, I was one of maybe three people (or at least that’s how it felt) in the entire U.S. with a Daihatsu (stop giggling; yeah, I mean you). It was a pain in the rear to get certain parts, but I never once had a problem getting the oil changed. Apparently, times have changed. [More]

Walmart Oil Change Turns Into $3,000 Disaster And I Can't Even Get Store To Call Me Back

Walmart Oil Change Turns Into $3,000 Disaster And I Can't Even Get Store To Call Me Back

An oil change seems like a pretty simple procedure, at least as far as automotive maintenance is concerned. And yet, one Consumerist reader now faces nearly $3,000 in repairs to her SUV because someone at Walmart mucked up the all-important “refilling” part of the oil change. [More]

What Should I Do About The Stinky Oil Change From Hell?

What Should I Do About The Stinky Oil Change From Hell?

Reader Chris got the oil change from hell from a Ford dealer and now doesn’t know what to do about his stinky car and wants your advice. [More]

What You Know About Car Care Is Probably Wrong

What You Know About Car Care Is Probably Wrong

Most Americans drive cars, but haven’t the faintest idea how they work. Often we have car care axioms inherited from our parents or driving teachers that apply to cars from a generation or two ago. What are some commonly believed car care myths that simply aren’t true?

Mysterious Oil Change Ruins Transmission, But Walmart Won't Respond

Mysterious Oil Change Ruins Transmission, But Walmart Won't Respond

Update: Walmart has responded!

Engine Massacre After 10,000 Miles No Oil Change

Engine Massacre After 10,000 Miles No Oil Change

It doesn’t take 30,000 without an oil change to wreck an engine, here’s pictures of reader Eugene’s sister’s blown engine and turbo after just 10,000 miles without so much a dipstick getting exposed to the outside air. See how it’s covered in what looks like piles of dried BBQ sauce? That’s not a good look for an engine. Oily is good, black-oily is bad. “One big week long project, ” writes Eugene. More grisly photos, inside… UPDATE: Commenters suggest the bigger culprit may have been using non-synthetic oil in a turbo car. Looks like a VW 1.8 turbo- notorious engine for sludge buildup. A turbo engine, that one in particular, requires frequent oil changes and synthetic oil,” says anAdmetus.

Don't Change Oil For 30,000 Miles? Here's Your Engine Carnage

Don't Change Oil For 30,000 Miles? Here's Your Engine Carnage

This sludge-filled massacre is what happens to your engine if you don’t change the oil for 30,000 miles. The six photos depict abject carnage, a crime scene for cars. Good job, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car. Don’t let this happen to you. Checking and changing your oil is a good weekend project, here’s how to do it. [via Jalopnik]

Malicious Oil Change? Jiffy Lube Ruined My Oil Plug "On Purpose"

Malicious Oil Change? Jiffy Lube Ruined My Oil Plug "On Purpose"

Reader Andrew says he’s certain that Jiffy Lube purposefully filed down his oil plug so that he couldn’t change his oil himself. Conspiracy? Or incompetance? You decide.

Walmart's Botched Oil Change Destroys Your Engine

Walmart's Botched Oil Change Destroys Your Engine

Having just arrived in Paonia, Colorado for the summer, reader Ashlee thought she should get her oil changed. Not yet familiar with the area, she went with a name she recognized–Walmart. The oil change seemed to go fine so Ashlee and her friend decided to embark on a trip to Denver. Thirty minutes into the road trip, she heard a strange noise coming from the engine. She pulled over and intuitively checked the dipstick which revealed zero oil. Ashlee then looked underneath her car and saw oil covering much of the undercarriage. Eventually, she got the car to town where a mechanic discovered that the oil cap had been put on improperly, allowing the oil to escape. Later, she received an estimate from GMC of $5,875 to replace the engine. Ashlee’s letter, inside…

Wal-Mart Fails To Change Your Oil And Lies About It

Wal-Mart Fails To Change Your Oil And Lies About It

Tipster Toland pointed us toward the Stonecipher Report which contains an entry about a weary traveler who, against his better judgment, decided to get his oil changed at Wal-Mart. After his car was returned, he noticed that his oil monitoring system was still indicating 10% oil life. He asked the Wal-Mart employee if the oil had actually been changed to which she replied, “Yep, I know it was, cause I did it myself.” He then went to go check the dipstick and discovered the oil hadn’t been changed after all. His post, inside…

Don't Get Your Oil Changed At Walmart

Don't Get Your Oil Changed At Walmart

The employees and their manager spent most the time spraying each other with air hoses and windshield fluid. 3 hours later, after seeing other folks come and go, we were told our vehicles were ready. We paid and left quickly, trying to avoid any other confrontation that would delay us even more. Flash forward to last week, my wife told me that her check engine light came on while going to work and the same on the way home.

We have to admit we didn’t know there was such a thing as a Walmart oil change before this letter.

Jiffy Lube's Underhanded Charges

Jiffy Lube's Underhanded Charges

Jiffy Lube charged Carlo for an oil change. They even warned his car suffered from a transmission fluid leak and an excessive oil leak. Only one problem: They hadn’t looked at the car.

When I came back, they told me that my car was ready and even pointed out that my car had a transmission fluid leak and excessive oil leak. They even said that they replaced my filters and window wipers. I agreed to the charges and paid for it. After five minutes, the cashier comes back and tells me that my car hasn’t been serviced, yet.

Carlo’s car was a chameleon. They thought the car was green, even though Carlo told them it was “bluish-green.” Well, that explains everything. Carlo had been a Jiffy Lube customer for six years. Now, he will service his car elsewhere.

Wal-Mart Takes A Page From Jiffy Lube’s Book

Looking to Jiffy Lube for inspiration, Wal-Mart has seen the light: turn-around and profit both are a hell of a lot higher when you don’t actually bother doing the work.

Jiffy Lube Up For Double Reaming

Yesterday, within 58 minutes of one another, we got not one, but two stories about Jiffy Lube trashing two separate customers’ cars in different ways. Neither accusation is provable; by themselves, mere coincidences. Together, though? Too strange a dark alignment of the illest stars.