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Operators Of “Free Access To Credit Scores” Scam To Return $22M To Victims

Consumers looking for a good deal might be tempted to take unknown companies up on their offer of providing credit scores for free. But those promises can often be too good to be true. Just ask consumers bilked out of millions of dollars after falling for once such “deal”. [More]

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SUV Drives Into Closing Sears Store, Injures No One

When a driver lost control of her Lexus SUV in the parking lot of a mall in Solon, Ohio yesterday afternoon, the story could have had a tragic ending. Instead, only the driver sustained minor injuries. While there was property damage to the shopping center, the car ended up inside a Sears Grand department store…one that is scheduled to close before the end of the year. [More]

One of the messages sent via Facebook from the chef to a customer who left a one-star review on Yelp. That review has since been deleted by Yelp, even though the chef stated that he no longer had a problem with it.

Yelper Claims Chef Responded To Negative Review With Threats, Racially Charged Messages

UPDATE: The customer involved in this dispute has reached out to Consumerist with more details on his side of the story. [More]

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Ohio’s Worst Walmart Employee Steals Cash From Customer, Food From Deli In Same Day

If you’re a bad enough person to steal from a customer, it’s probably not much of a stretch to think you’d steal from your employer too. But to be caught doing both in the same day takes a special kind of stupid. [More]

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Burger King Employee Beats Up Former Co-Worker Who Attempted To Rob Restaurant

In a move that would probably get him fired if he worked at Walmart, a Burger King employee in Ohio fought off a knife-wielding wannabe robber, who happened to have previously worked at that restaurant (and whose special lady friend still works there). [More]

The employee was pulled through that wee window and then further assaulted by the customer. (Photo: Google Maps)

Drunk, Angry Customer Pulls Employee Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window

One might think that working at a fast food drive-thru window would provide some measure of protection from angry customers who want to leap over the counter and do bad things to you, but that is apparently not the case. [More]

Wendy’s Testing Out Build-Your-Own Sandwich Idea

Wendy’s Testing Out Build-Your-Own Sandwich Idea

In our experience, most Wendy’s stores have been willing to mix and match sandwich elements to suit customers’ individual preferences, but at two restaurants near Wendy’s global HQ — where everyone is a perky redhead who never seems to put on a pound, in spite of all the fast food she devours — the burger chain is currently testing a program that makes this build-your-own idea official. [More]

Pizza Hut Manager Helped Boyfriend Rob Her Own Store… 3 Times In 4 Months

Pizza Hut Manager Helped Boyfriend Rob Her Own Store… 3 Times In 4 Months

It’s bad enough when a fast food manager assists in the robbery of the very store she’s entrusted to manage. It’s even worse when the person robbing the business is that manager’s boyfriend. But helping that no-good boyfriend pull off three robberies in only a few months, well… to quote Jaime Lannister, “The things I do for love.” [More]

You Cannot Grow Bananas In Ohio

You Cannot Grow Bananas In Ohio

Bananas thrive in a subtropical climate: a place where the temperature is warm, the humidity is high, and there’s about twelve hours of sunlight per day. You know, like Ohio. [More]

Ohio Likely To Become First State To Prohibit E-Cigarette Sales To Minors

Ohio Likely To Become First State To Prohibit E-Cigarette Sales To Minors

E-cigs are still in a strange regulatory no-man’s-land. They’re kind of like regular cigarettes, but they’re also kind of not. Can you use them in places where smoking’s not allowed? Do they fall under current laws restricting the sale of tobacco products to minors? Nobody really knows, yet. Nobody, that is, except the state of Ohio, where a bill regulating e-cigarette sales is now sitting on the governor’s desk. [More]


Payday Lender To Pay $19 Million For Robo-Signed Collections & Overcharged Servicemembers

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took a big step toward reining in irresponsible, predatory lenders by taking its first enforcement action against a large payday loan operation accused of robo-signing court documents related to debt-collection lawsuits, illegally overcharging military servicemembers and their families, and trying to cover these actions up by destroying documents before the CFPB could investigate. [More]

Singing McDonald’s Employee Is Apparently Not Annoying To Customers

Singing McDonald’s Employee Is Apparently Not Annoying To Customers

While that Australia in McDonald’s is blaring opera music to drive pesky teens out of the parking lot, an employee at a McD’s in Ohio is apparently having the opposite effect on customers with her operatic renditions of songs like “God Bless America.” [More]

Ohio Walmart Held An Employee Food Drive…For Less Fortunate Employees

Ohio Walmart Held An Employee Food Drive…For Less Fortunate Employees

It’s not unusual to have a food drive at work for the less fortunate during the holiday season. At one Walmart, donation bins appeared in an employees-only area, gathering food for people who are struggling to pay for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. The problem? Those struggling people are their Walmart colleagues. [More]


Ohio Forgot To Tell Residents That Cops Have Been Using Facial Recognition On License Photos

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is facing some criticism after a news investigation revealed that his office had launched a facial recognition system, which allows police to scan pictures of suspects and match them to drivers license photos in the law enforcement’s database. Despite the fact that the system hadn’t been updated to provide protection against misuse, DeWine says he will make sure it isn’t used improperly. [More]

Apparently this employee has two loaves of unbaked Subway bread sitting at his house waiting to be tapped with his penis?

Subway Employee Admits To Touching Bread With Penis, Says Photo Was Taken At Home

If the Taco Bell taco-licker wasn’t enough to put you off fast food for a while, now comes a photo posted by a Subway employee of a man touching a loaf of dough with his penis. But not to worry because the employee says this was done in the privacy of his own home. [More]


Apple: The Midwestern United States Is Too Humid For The iMac

Apple’s 27″ iMac is not a cheap computer. That model currently starts at $1,800. So customers who found a smoky gray residue inside their screens were disappointed when Apple turned around and told non-smoking customers that the issues are obviously their own fault. Reader Jason, for example, was told that his screen smudged itself because it’s too humid where he lives. Does he live in the tropics? Florida, maybe? No, he lived in Ohio when his iMac troubles started. And the problem recurred after he moved to Chicago, just down the street from the city’s flagship Apple Store. [More]

McDonald's Tries To Open Up The Elusive 2 To 5 A.M. Breakfast Market

McDonald's Tries To Open Up The Elusive 2 To 5 A.M. Breakfast Market

I do most of my writing between 2 A.M. and 5 A.M. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t drive over to the nearest 24-hour McDonald’s and order up an Egg McMuffin or a breakfast burrito right now. Breakfast food in the most wee hours of the morning? Who could imagine such a wondrous thing? McDonald’s, of course. They’re currently testing out very, very early breakfast service at their 24-hour locations in Ohio. [More]

Banned McDonald’s Customer: I Didn’t Even Hit Employee With The Chicken Sandwich I Threw At Her

Banned McDonald’s Customer: I Didn’t Even Hit Employee With The Chicken Sandwich I Threw At Her

We’ve certainly read our fair share of stories about impromptu food fights brought on by angry customers and/or irritable employees, but usually the parties involved are somewhat contrite afterward. However, one woman in Ohio is outraged that she was banned from her area McDonald’s eateries after she tossed her sandwich at a store staffer. [More]