Visa Under Investigation In Ohio For Debit Card Verification Practices

Visa has revealed that at least one state attorney general’s office is looking into several aspects of the company’s debit card practices. [More]

Rick Drew

Prison Emails Inmates Social Security Numbers To Convicted ID Thief

We don’t know why a man previously convicted of identity theft (and making bomb threats) would be sending public record requests for current prison rosters. Everyone needs a hobby, right? The ID thief in this story received a bonus when one prison sent him the list of more than 2,000 inmates’ names: their full Social Security numbers. [More]


150 Employees Laid Off At Abercrombie & Fitch Headquarters

Another youth-focused retailer is showing signs of trouble, the apparent result of teens no longer shopping at malls. Abercrombie & Fitch laid off 150 employees at its New Albany, OH, headquarters this week. [More]


Why Do Fast Food Restaurants Test New Menu Items In Ohio?

From McDonald’s mac & cheese cups and Shakin’ Flavor Seasoned Fries to Taco Bell’s Quesalupa, Ohio tends to be the place where fast food restaurants go to find human guinea pigs to test revamped menu items — and apparently not without good reason. [More]

My Dayton Daily News

Woman Claims Young Daughter Received Wendy’s Fries Dusted In Marijuana

Salt. That’s what most customers expect to find sprinkled on their fast food french fries. Yet, an Ohio woman says she recently received an order of fries from Wendy’s covered in something else: marijuana. [More]

Adam Schweigert

For Some Reason, No One Wants To Buy An Office Building Shaped Like A Giant Picnic Basket

For sale: one seven-story office building in the Midwest, less than 20 years old and in great shape inside. Price: $5 million. There are just two tiny problems that are keeping anyone from buying the building: it’s too far from the nearest city, and it’s shaped like a giant picnic basket. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Former Macy’s Employee Pleads Guilty To $3.5M Mail Fraud, Kickback Scheme

A Florida man could spend up to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to taking part in a million-dollar, years-long shipping and kickback scheme involving his former employer Macy’s.  [More]


Supreme Court OKs Private Debt Collectors’ Use Of Prosecutors’ Letterhead To Make People Pay

What’s more likely to get you to pay a questionable debt: A notice from some debt collection company you’ve never heard of, or a letter from your state’s attorney general about that same debt? Some states allow certain private, for-profit debt collectors to use prosecutors’ letterhead in correspondence with consumers about debts, even though the American Bar Association looks down on the practice. This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court chimed in on the debate, unanimously giving its SCOTUS seal of approval, at least when it’s done with the state’s approval. [More]


CDC: The Dole Salad Listeria Outbreak Is Finally Over

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, the outbreak of Listeria in bagged salad mixes is now officially over. Contaminated salads sent 19 people to the hospital, killing one patient, and made an unknown number of other people sick. How did the greens get contaminated? Was there a problem with the Ohio facility, and is it still shut down? We don’t currently know. [More]


Woman Says She Was Asked To Stop Breastfeeding At Ohio Pizza Hut

Under Ohio state law, public establishments – including restaurants and retail stores – must allow mothers to breastfeed their children. But one woman says a Pizza Hut restaurant she visited didn’t follow that rule and asked her to leave when she started nursing her child.   [More]

Mike Mozart

Taco Bell Turns Quesarito Partially Inside Out, Sells It In Toledo

Remember back in early 2015, when we heard rumors that a new cheese-stuffed shell called the “Quesalupa” was being tested in Toledo? The Quesalupa ended up as the centerpiece of a Super Bowl ad and is now a nationwide item. What’s on the menu only in Ohio now? A rolled-up creation that’s sort of a backwards Quesarito. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Sears Holdings Plans At Least 4 More Kmart Store Closures In May

After a tough year of losing half a billion dollars less than they did in 2014, Sears Holdings, parent company of Sears and Kmart, announced plans to close about 50 stores in the coming months. What the company no longer does is send out big announcements with lists of stores slated for closure, instead submitting local closings to local news outlets. That’s cool, but we’re a national news outlet that likes to pay attention to national trends, so we compiled a list for anyone who is interested. [More]

A deli with no meats. (Nicholas Eckhart)

Here’s A Look Inside The Last Days Of Some Closing Walmarts

We expect that Walmart stores are crammed full of merchandise and people, and they look wrong when they no longer have either. Walmart recently completed a round of store closings, including the entire Walmart Express chain. Naturally, some of our readers were there, and brought their cameras.


(Scott Lynch)

10 States Investigating Movie Theater Chains Over Antitrust Violations

You know how it’s almost impossible to ever see one of those big blockbuster films showing at the little movie theater down the street? That issue is largely the result of exclusive agreements between large theater chains and film studios that effectively prevent independent rivals from showing certain films. While these deals might be great for the bigger companies, they aren’t so awesome for consumers. And so, 10 state attorneys general are looking into whether or not the contracts used by Regal Cinemas, AMC Entertainment, and Cinemark constitute antitrust violations.  [More]

Car Dealers Can’t Scream “Zero Down On All Leases” If Most Buyers Won’t Qualify For Deal

Car Dealers Can’t Scream “Zero Down On All Leases” If Most Buyers Won’t Qualify For Deal

Car dealers are known for hyperbolic slogans like “Everybody rides!” or “Nobody walks away from our lot!,” but that sort of puffery is a far cry from repeatedly claiming that the advertised lease price includes “Zip, Zero, Zilch — Nothing Down!” only to hide the ugly truth in fine print that most people won’t understand. [More]

Ohio Voters Just Say No To Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Ohio Voters Just Say No To Legalized Recreational Marijuana

A controversial ballot initiative in Ohio that would have legalized recreational and medical marijuana — but would have also concentrated the authority to mass-produce the plant in the hands of only 10 growers — has fallen flat, meaning the Buckeye State won’t become the fifth state to legalize pot for recreational use. [More]

Taco Bell Folds Croissants In Half, Calls Them Tacos

Taco Bell Folds Croissants In Half, Calls Them Tacos

A croissant is a crescent-shaped, flaky pastry that consists of butter incidentally held together with some flour and egg. Taco Bell is a restaurant with a menu of inexpensive Tex-Mex food and a very loose definition of what a “taco” is. Put them together and you end up with… flat croissants folded in half to form breakfast tacos? [More]