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LensCrafters And Ray-Ban Parent Company To Merge With Lens Maker, Form Eyewear Voltron

Luxxotica and Essilor may not be household names, but you may very well have one of their products on your face right now. If you’ve visited LensCrafters or Pearle Vision for your eyeglasses or contacts, or Sunglass Hut for sunglasses, you’ve done business with the Italian eyewear conglomerate Luxxotica, and if you bought Varilux or Transitions lenses during that visit, you’ve done business with the French lens company Essilor. [More]

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Maria Sharapova & 6 Other Pro Athletes Who Blew Big Endorsement Deals Overnight

All over the world, sports fans set their heroes up on high pedestals. So when scandals hit, it’s a long way for professional athletes to fall, and they often lose lucrative endorsement deals on their way down. [More]

A Screen Capture Is Not Legally Binding Proof Of An Online Description Change

A Screen Capture Is Not Legally Binding Proof Of An Online Description Change

Should a screen capture be legally binding in any way? We like to think that taking a screencap of a great price or another problem is a foolproof way to hold on to evidence, but there’s a small flaw in that plan. It’s called “image manipulation.” Or, to use a trademarked term, Photoshop. This is probably the reason why Amazon refuses to take the screencap that Anthony took of a sunglasses description as rock-solid proof that they had an error in their listings. He says that he grabbed the image for a different reason, but was glad to have it when Amazon claimed that the sunglasses he bought as polarized were actually non-polarized. [More]