Book Returned To New York Public Library Almost 55 Years Overdue

It may disappoint fans of the TV program “Seinfeld,” but the New York Public Library doesn’t really have its own detectives who track down biblio-scofflaws with severely overdue books. If it did, it would have long ago tracked down the patron who checked out a copy of Fire of Francis Xavier in 1958 and didn’t return it until this week. [More]

(Paxton Holley)

Man Booted From New York Public Library For Excessive B.O. Wants $5.5 Million

For three years, a Manhattan man has been stewing over getting booted from a branch of the New York Public Library for giving off a funky smell. The way he sees it, he doesn’t have a body odor problem, and as such he should get $5.5 million. He’s suing the library now to stand up for his right to smell however he wants. [More]