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Jay Adan

Company Behind M&M’s, Snickers Endorses “Added Sugars” Label For Foods

Of all the companies to advocate for alerting consumers to added sugars, the country’s most famous candy maker would be probably be among the least likely. But yesterday, Mars Inc. — the company behind M&M’s, Snickers, Milky Way, and Twix — gave its corporate stamp of approval to the idea of limiting the use of added sugars and labeling those products that contain extra sugar. [More]

Nutrition Data At Quiznos, Or Lack There Of…

Nutrition Data At Quiznos, Or Lack There Of…

Okay, we’re bad consumers. Ben and I are both pretty lithe and any excess calories that we absorb are generally burned off by a healthy diet of chain smoking and beer drinking. So while we both have eaten at Quiznos from time to time, we never even bothered to check whether or not they had nutritional information up for their sandwiches.