What Do You Shop For In November?

Our power-shopping colleagues over at Consumer Reports don’t just test every product you can think of: they also keep track of what’s on the market and when is the best time to buy certain things. Looking over their November list, we wondered: what do Consumerist readers shop for during this month? [More]

Airlines Sort Of Sucked In November

On-time arrivals dipped in November among the major carriers. The on-time arrival rate slumped to 76.4%, down from 80% a year ago. Aloha Air was the most on-time carrier, along with Hawaiian and Frontier to round out the top three. The worst? Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Comair, and JetBlue Airways.

Walmart: First Holiday Sales Slump in a Decade.

Walmart: First Holiday Sales Slump in a Decade.

Walmart is announcing its first November sales slump in a decade, “In a season of what has been pretty healthy numbers from retailers, Wal-Mart has been lackluster, to say the least,” said Adrianne Shapira, an analyst at Goldman Sachs. “Houston, there is a problem.”