Microsoft Bringing Android Notifications To Windows 10 PCs

For those times when your Android smartphone isn’t clutched safely in your hand or resting at an accessible distance nearby, you may experience moments when you’re unaware if you’ve just received a text or missed a phone call. Microsoft says it’s going to ameliorate any uneasiness you may feel by funneling Android phone notifications over to PCs running on Windows 10. [More]


Apple Working On Fix For Text That Instantly Crashes iPhones

It sounds like something out of a horror movie…if mobile phones watched horror movies. A certain string of Arabic characters, when sent to an iPhone, can crash the device and force it to restart immediately. It’s a hilarious prank, but also a nasty security flaw that could disrupt important phone calls. [More]

Get The Government To Email You About Car Recalls

Get The Government To Email You About Car Recalls

If your car manufacturer thinks your engine might catch on fire, it’s better to know sooner rather than later. You can streamline the process for discovering any car recalls by signing up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Recall Notification by Email program. [More]