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J. Crew & Nordstrom Enter Into Symbiotic Clothes-Selling Relationship

When you’re a clothing line that also has a retail store, you tend to keep your apparel to your own stores. But when you’re a clothing line that could use some new blood, you might make a deal with a retailer that is also in need of an image boost.  [More]

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Department Stores Remember That You Can’t Get Spa Treatments Or Lunch On Amazon

You can now order just about anything online, but there are some things that can’t be delivered in a box on your doorstep. If department stores and their business model are going to survive, experts say, they need to change their offerings and sell more products that can’t be purchased online. [More]

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Tesla Opens A ‘Boutique’ Inside A Nordstrom Store

This weekend, electric car maker Tesla will open its latest showroom in California in an unexpected place: inside a Nordstrom department store. Sure, there are Tesla stores in malls, but a mini-store that sells actual cars inside a department store is a new development. Even if the store doesn’t actually sell any cars. [More]

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Nordstrom And Nordstrom Rack Accept Each Other’s Returns

You won’t see it plastered on a sign behind the customer service counter, but here’s some useful information for shoppers: you can return items that you purchased at Nordstrom Rack to a regular Nordstrom store, and the transaction works the other way around, too. Yet while that’s very nice of them, it’s an indicator of an interesting issue in retail: while omnichannel retail is hot, should they be omni-brand? [More]

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent the Runway, a company that lets customers rent pricey outfits for special events, now rents out their own brands alongside designer clothes and accessories. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with promoting those brands as if they’re from noted designers, assigning them made-up retail values. Even worse: some of those “exclusive” items can be found on department store websites, where you can buy them for less than it would cost to rent them. [More]


Bed Bath & Beyond, JCPenney, Others To Pay $1.3M For Trying To Pass Off Rayon As “Bamboo”

Four national retailers will be paying a hefty tab at the register after federal regulators say they continued to deceptively mislabel rayon products as “bamboo,” despite being warned five years ago that this practice violated the law. [More]

Backlash Prompts Nordstrom To Pull “Chai Maintenance” Hanukkah Sweater

Backlash Prompts Nordstrom To Pull “Chai Maintenance” Hanukkah Sweater

‘Tis the season — and by that of course, I mean the holidays can prove to be tricky for the retail industry to maneuver: from security breaches to product delays, layaway debacles to shipping mistakes, we’ve seen all kinds of incidents that turn shoppers against brands and stores. In the latest brouhaha, Nordstrom found itself apologizing to customers for a Hanukkah sweater some called offensive.


Please Stop Sharing This Photo Of A Nordstrom Anti-Christmas Creep Poster

Please Stop Sharing This Photo Of A Nordstrom Anti-Christmas Creep Poster

Here in the Consumerist Cave, we’re always amused when a photo or a story makes a complete lap of the newsosphere, and a reader sends it to us having no idea that it originated with us. This week, things are starting to get strange, as social media users are sharing and even legitimate news outlets are posting a small, blurry camera phone photo of a sign posted at Nordstrom about their Christmas decorations policy. A photo that we posted six years ago. [More]


Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom & Other Retailers Trying Out Smart Fitting Room Mirrors

Calling your friend into the fitting to ask how an outfit looks might soon be replaced by simply asking the mirror on the wall. Retailers like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, among others, are testing “smart” fitting room mirrors that not only suggest adding say, a statement necklace to that ensemble you’re trying on, but also get to collect information about your shopping habits much like online sites do.


Nordstrom Remodels Flagship Stores, Won’t Make You Go Inside

Nordstrom Remodels Flagship Stores, Won’t Make You Go Inside

There are two interesting developments that Nordstrom is trying right now: first, they’re remodeling and fancying up their stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, seeking to draw international tourists with world-class retail experiences. They’re also experimenting with curbside order pickup, so local shoppers can pick up their online order of bras without getting out of their cars. [More]


Belk Department Stores Thinking Of Flirting With Suitors Like Nordstrom, Macy’s

Belk Department Stores, the largest family-owned and operated department store chain in the United States, with 300 stores in 16 states in the South, is reportedly considering hooking up with potential suitors, including Macy’s and Nordstrom.



Is In-Store Pickup Any Faster Than Just Shopping At The Store?

For years, an increasing number of retailers have been pushing their “buy online, pickup in store” (BOPIS, for all you acronym lovers) option as a expedient option that offers the convenience of online shopping without the hassle of having to search the aisles. But is it really any faster than traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping? [More]

December Recall Roundup: Nobody Likes A Melted Battery Charger

December Recall Roundup: Nobody Likes A Melted Battery Charger

The Recall Roundup for December is not very merry, especially if you’re in the market for electronic devices. Here’s a collection of appliances and devices that could cause overheating and discomfort or actual property damage. [More]

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UPS Asks Retailers To Hold Holiday Sales Earlier, Avoid Ruining Christmas Again

Between bad weather and a surge in last-minute deliveries, the 2013 holiday season was a bit of a disaster for UPS. Some folks were left handing out apologies and rain checks at Christmas because the gifts they’d intended to give were still en route. This year, the shipper is asking retailers to help everyone avoid a repeat underwhelming performance. [More]

Nordstrom Catalog Acknowledges That People With Disabilities Like Fashion Too

An image from the newest Nordstrom catalog.

Much in the way that not everyone is a size 0 or built like a Greek god, not everyone who wants to dress in nice clothes has the use of all of their limbs. Then there are all the people with disabilities that aren’t immediately evident, but which nonetheless have a huge impact on their lives. These folks represent billions of dollars in buying power, but often go overlooked in fashion advertising, though not in the pages of Nordstrom catalogs. [More]

12-Year-Old Has Clothing Line At Nordstrom And I’m Still Sitting Here In My House Pants

12-Year-Old Has Clothing Line At Nordstrom And I’m Still Sitting Here In My House Pants

If you’re like me and have the ability to work somewhere that doesn’t involve changing out of your house pants, as we call them in the Midwest (stretch, sweat, any soft pants involving elastic) hearing that a 12-year-old has a clothing line at Nordstrom might bring about a twinge of “What am I doing with my life?” But she’s also a certified genius, so, there’s that. [More]

Survey Says: Walmart Is Worst Discount Retailer & Worst Supermarket

Survey Says: Walmart Is Worst Discount Retailer & Worst Supermarket

Walmart may be the nation’s largest retailer and its biggest supermarket chain, but the latest results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index once again show that Big W continues to lag far behind all of its competition. [More]

All these are worth less than a popular messaging app.

27 Major Companies That Are Worth Less Than WhatsApp

Just how big of a deal is the $19 billion WhatsApp is getting from Facebook in the acquisition announced yesterday? It’s a pretty freaking big deal — especially when you consider that there are a whole lot of major companies –including many that produce physical goods you can reach out and touch — that have been around longer than WhatsApp and are worth a lot less. [More]