NYC Officials Grill Verizon About Incomplete FiOS Rollout

NYC Officials Grill Verizon About Incomplete FiOS Rollout

A few months back, the city of New York released a damning audit of Verizon’s FiOS rollout in the Big Apple. According to Verizon, they have met their obligation to bring service to New York as laid out in the franchise agreement. But according to New Yorkers, the telecom giant has a long, long way yet to go. [More]

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NYC Will Start Fining Businesses That Blast AC Out Into The Streets

There’s nothing quite like walking down the street on a hot, muggy day in the middle of August in New York City, only to walk past a store with its doors open and feel a quick blast of arctic air. But as nice as that might feel, it’s not so great for the environment. To combat all that leaking air, come summer, NYC is going to enforce a new law that require stores to keep their doors shut when the AC is on. [More]

Once Medicaid Decides That You’re Dead, It’s Hard To Come Back To Life

Once Medicaid Decides That You’re Dead, It’s Hard To Come Back To Life

When you’re dead, you generally can’t come back. It’s also difficult to come back when you’re actually alive, but the government thinks that you’re dead. An 87-year-old on Brooklyn is understandably worried, because Medicaid has declared her dead. If other government services believe them, dead people don’t need to do things like visit doctors or eat, so her income, food stamps, and health insurance would stop. This would be bad. [More]

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Church And State Officials Really Mad At Scalpers Of Papal Procession Tickets

Pope Francis is visiting three East Coast cities this week, bringing holiness and traffic snarls everywhere he goes. While tickets to papal events are usually limited to parishioners living nearby, the city government in New York made 40,000 tickets available by lottery for a procession in Central Park. Free tickets by free lottery. Naturally, people are trying to sell these tickets for hundreds or thousands of dollars online. [More]

NYC Board Of Health Approves Sodium Warning Labels For Extra Salty Menu Items

NYC Board Of Health Approves Sodium Warning Labels For Extra Salty Menu Items

Like your food salty? If you live in New York City, you’ll be reminded exactly how salty your next meal is starting Dec. 1, when chain restaurants will have to include a salt shaker symbol on menu items that exceed the recommended daily intake of sodium. [More]

Uber Defends Robocalls, Claims They Were Legitimate Political Messages

Uber Defends Robocalls, Claims They Were Legitimate Political Messages

A week after Uber was sued for allegedly spamming non-customers with text messages, the ridesharing service faces another complaint claiming intrusive telephonic behavior. This time, the plaintiff says Uber is violating federal and New York state laws with pre-recorded calls urging consumers to contact their local lawmakers. But Uber says the calls were political in nature, thus exempt from the robocall rules. [More]


Patients At NYC Hospitals Will No Longer Become Accidental Reality TV Stars

We don’t know about you, but the last thing we want when we go to the hospital is for anyone — not even our loved ones — to shoot video of us. We certainly wouldn’t want to find out that we’re being filmed without our permission by a crew for some cruddy reality TV show. And after one such show actually broadcast the secretly recorded death of a patient in a New York City hospital, it looks like patients in NYC may not have to worry about being caught on camera at your worst. [More]


NYC Mayor Ditches Plan To Curb Uber Expansion In The City

It seems Uber will get its way in New York City after all: Though Mayor Bill de Blasio was pushing for limits on how much the ride-hailing service and other for-hire vehicle companies could expand their fleets, city hall is now backing down from that plan amid backlash from Uber, Governor Andrew Cuomo and some famous folks. [More]

Uber's campaign against Mayor Bill de Blasio has spread to its ride-hailing app.

Uber Pushing Back On New York City’s Plans To Put Limits On For-Hire Vehicle Fleet Expansion

In Uber’s quest to take over the world, expansion is key — the more drivers it has on the roads picking up passengers, the better its business will do. But in New York City, the company will have to fight to grow its fleet as local authorities consider putting limits on just how many for-hire vehicles will be cruising the streets. [More]

NYC Mailman Accused Of Stealing More Than $1M In Tax Refunds In Years-Long Scheme

NYC Mailman Accused Of Stealing More Than $1M In Tax Refunds In Years-Long Scheme

Is there some kind of greedy bug sweeping through the New York City mail system? Okay, probably not, but for the second time in two months a postal employee has been charged by federal prosecutors with taking part in a scheme to pad their own pockets. The most recent case involves a mail carrier who allegedly stole more than $1 million in tax refunds. [More]

Whole Foods CEOs Admit To “Unintentional” Overcharging

Whole Foods CEOs Admit To “Unintentional” Overcharging

In 2014, California regulators caught Whole Foods overcharging customers, and things have only gotten worse for the upscale grocery store chain, which is currently under investigation for similar allegations in New York (where it also faces a civil suit from customers). That’s why Whole Foods’ co-CEOs issued a joint, heavily qualified, mea culpa about the situation. [More]

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New York City Audit Calls Out Verizon For Failure To Build Out FiOS Network As Promised

Verizon is pretty much over this whole “FiOS” thing. They still support their existing networks, of course, but they’re pretty much done building out new ones. That, however, does not sit well with the city of New York, which is still waiting for Verizon to finish the city-wide build they promised to have done by last year. [More]


NYC Officials Take 496 Uber Cars Off The Streets For Illegally Picking Up Passengers On The Street

Every city has its own rules on how Uber drivers are allowed to operate, and in New York City that means black and livery cars can’t cruise around trying to pick up passengers on the streets. As such, officials impounded the cars of 496 Uber drivers this spring in a crackdown on illegal pickups. [More]


NYC May Become First U.S. City To Require High-Sodium Warning Labels At Chain Restaurants

The health war wages on in New York City, where the ghost of the failed ban on large sodas is said to still haunt city hall, moaning the name of a certain former mayor. This time, city officials are taking on sodium, proposing a requirement that chain restaurants put a label on menu items that are high in salt. [More]


Crate And Barrel Closing NYC Flagship After 20 Years Because The Rent Is Too Darn High

Your average New York City citizens aren’t the only ones who might be pushed from their preferred neighborhood amid skyrocketing real estate prices: after 20 years inhabiting its flagship store on Madison Avenue, Crate and Barrel is leaving the building behind to avoid paying higher rent. [More]


NYC Officials Set On Rooting Out Errant Food Vendors Who Don’t Post Prices

It started with one vendor accused of selling $30 hot dogs to unwitting tourists, but now New York City officials want to make it clear that food carts must have their prices listed for customers to see if they don’t want the long arm of the law to come knocking. [More]

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NYC Food Vendor Accused Of Charging Tourists $30 For A Hot Dog

One of the joys of street food is that it’s usually cheap, compared to what you’d get in a sit down restaurant or even a fast food joint. But New York City officials say a rumble broke out near Ground Zero recently when a food vendor was accused of charging tourists $30 for a hot dog, while sticking to the $3 price for locals. [More]

Uber Expands Food Delivery Service UberEATS To Chicago, New York City

Uber Expands Food Delivery Service UberEATS To Chicago, New York City

Since opening for business, ride-sharing company Uber hasn’t been content with simply giving customers rides from point A to point B. After dabbling in all kinds of pilot programs including on-demand drop-offs of everyday essentials and courier services, the company seems to have found a second niche: food delivery. And so, Uber plans to expand UberEATS to Chicago and New York this week.