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Want A Sandwich From NYC’s Carnegie Deli? You’ve Got Until Dec. 31

If you’re the kind of person who visits New York City just for the sandwiches, you’ll probably want to pay attention: the famed Carnegie Deli announced it’ll be closing its flagship location by the end of the year. [More]

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NYC Says Verizon Defaulted On Its Agreement To Make FiOS Available Citywide

Ask just about anyone in New York City what they think of Time Warner Cable and you’ll probably hear swear words that aren’t anatomically possible. The city hoped to improve things by opening up the market to competition from Verizon FiOS in 2008, but more than a year after an audit called out FiOS for apparently failing to live up to its obligation, the city says Verizon has defaulted on its agreement, meaning the company could face legal action. [More]


Under Armour Will Be Available In Kohl’s Stores, Take Over Former FAO Schwarz Store

The news out of athletic apparel company Under Armour’s latest report to investors isn’t great, but it has also taught its leaders something very important: not to depend too much on any one retailer, even if that retailer is a nationwide sporting goods chain. The company shared two important and related pieces of news today: they’re creating a line of athletic wear for department store Kohl’s, and taking over what used to be the FAO Schwarz store on New York’s Fifth Avenue. [More]


Taxis Still Provide More Rides Than Uber In New York City

Since bursting onto the transportation scene, Uber has served as a contentious rival for traditional taxis, with the industry arguing that the ride-hailing service has taken away business and depleted driver’s take-home pay. But a new report suggests that simply isn’t the case, at least in New York City, where traditional cabs continue to dominate the streets.  [More]


NYC Businesses Now Facing Fines For Air Conditioning The City’s Sidewalks

Lovely though it might feel to walk through a sudden gush of Arctic air on an otherwise hot, steamy New York City day, businesses that keep their doors open with the air conditioning on can now expect to pay a fine if they’re caught blasting cool air onto the sidewalks. [More]


Kellogg’s Opening An All-Day Premium Cereal Cafe In Times Square

Do you like the idea of restaurants that serve nothing but cereal all day, but want to combine that with the prestige of the company that invented corn flakes? Cereal brand Kellogg’s hopes that lots of people do. They’re opening a cereal cafe in New York’s Times Square that seats 20 people and serves them dressed-up bowls of the company’s cereals, like Frosted Flakes with pistachios, lemon zest, and fresh thyme. [More]

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Buddhist Leaders Telling NYC Tourists To Beware Fake Monks Who Solicit Donations

Just because someone is dressed like the kind of person you may trust, you should always know exactly who it is you’re handing your money to. That’s the warning Buddhist leaders are issuing to tourists visiting New York City, telling them to watch out for fake monks who are pushing people into giving them donations for temples that don’t exist. [More]

Court Says NYC’s Salt Warning Labels Can Go Into Effect As Planned

Court Says NYC’s Salt Warning Labels Can Go Into Effect As Planned

Despite efforts from a restaurant trade group to stop a New York City rule requiring warning labels on foods high in sodium from going into effect, a state appeals court says the city can begin enforcing the rule as planned starting June 6. [More]


NYC Police Arrest 21 Vendors Accused Of Shilling Fake Statue Of Liberty Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, it’s important to know which vendors you can trust to give you a fair deal on the Big Apple’s many attractions. And because not just anyone is allowed to sell access to the city’s tourist gems, the New York Police Department has arrested 21 vendors accused of pushing fake tickets to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. [More]


American Girl Will Move And Experiment With Its Store In NYC, ‘Evolve As A Total Brand’

Visiting an American Girl Doll store is an amazing bit of “experiential retail,” which is a thing that people actually say. The stores offer a historical fiction and a highly customizable world designed around school-age girls. The company’s flagship store in Manhattan is at the end of its lease, and is moving to a space in Rockefeller Center that will be even more easily found by tourists. It will include a “media studio,” massive party rooms, and other features for an immersive brand-centric experience. [More]


Group That Is Totally Not A Union Can Represent New York City’s Uber Drivers

The people who drive for Uber in New York City are independent contractors and not employees of the ride-hailing service, at least according to current laws. Drivers know that, but want a union-like group that would advocate for workers’ concerns with the company, even if it doesn’t engage in collective bargaining to set fares. Uber has agreed to work with a non-union, the Independent Drivers Guild, which will meet with the company and help drivers appeal when they’re “deactivated,” or fired. [More]

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A Plastic Bag Could Soon Cost You Five Cents In New York City

If you forget your reusable bags at home it could soon cost you in New York City, as local lawmakers are poised to vote on a measure that would add a five cent fee to consumers’ bills if they opt for a plastic or paper bag at checkout.  [More]

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Police: Scammer Punched NYC Tourist In The Face For Refusing To Buy Statue Of Liberty Tickets

If you don’t want to visit the Statue of Liberty, that’s your choice, and you shouldn’t be punched in the face because of it. That’s why police in New York City have arrested a man who’s accused of hitting a tourist and knocking him to the ground after a failed attempt to sell him sightseeing tickets. [More]


NYC’s Proposed Plan To Rein In Horse-Drawn Carriages Falls Apart Before Vote

A deal that would have limited New York City’s horse-drawn carriages to Central Park and cut down how many were allowed to operate was thisclose to becoming reality tomorrow, only to fall apart before the City Council could vote on it. [More]

Some New York City Uber Drivers Will Go On Strike At Noon

Some New York City Uber Drivers Will Go On Strike At Noon

You might remember last week that we reported about Uber’s plans to cut fares by about 15% in New York City. Customers are surely delighted, and some drivers are happy to have less downtime, but other drivers are less thrilled, and around 1,000 drivers are expected to go on strike today at noon. [More]

Longshoremen Walk Off The Job At New York City Area Ports

Longshoremen Walk Off The Job At New York City Area Ports

Earlier today, work at cargo ports in the New York and New Jersey area abruptly stopped, and dockworkers walked off the job. While trucks line up outside of the ports to deliver and pick up cargo containers, no one is there to move them around. The dispute involves “hiring practices,” specifically, control of the licenses that allow dockworkers and their employers to work on the ports. [More]


NYC Tourists Will Still Be Able To Hail A Horse-Drawn Carriage In Central Park After City Reaches Deal

Tourists visiting the Big Apple will be tooling around Central Park in horse-drawn carriages for years to come, after New York City officials reached a deal that allows some carriage operators to stick around, and will mean a new stable for the four-legged workers. [More]


New York Lawmakers Call For Legalizing “Hoverboards” As One Explodes In Brooklyn Apartment

So-called “hoverboards,” which don’t actually hover, are illegal to use on the streets of New York City. Two lawmakers are trying to change that, but their timing couldn’t be worse, as one of the self-balancing scooters caught fire in a Brooklyn apartment Tuesday.  [More]