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Apple Getting Into TV With Reality Competition Show About App Developers

If hours spent staring at your iPhone/Apple Watch/iPad/Mac isn’t giving you enough from Apple, the technology giant has a new offering in the works, with its first TV show, a reality competition featuring app developers duking it out for featured placement in the App Store. So it’s like Game of Thrones, just with more branding, a bunch of people wielding tech instead of swords, and no brutal battles to the death (we think). [More]


Barilla Opens Manhattan Restaurant In Case You Don’t Feel Like Boiling Your Own Water

Option one: Open a box of Barilla pasta at home, dump it into boiling water, serve and eat. Option two: Go to the Barilla restaurant in New York City and have someone else boil the water and dump the pasta in, then bring it to you. Yes, the Italian pasta maker has opened its first restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. [More]