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Airbnb Launches “Trips,” Offering Customers Things To Do, See On Their Travels

Airbnb’s plan to apparently become a full-time travel agency by offering customers add-on travel options like tours, bike rentals, and more moved another step closer to reality this week as the company officially launched Trips, a service that combines accommodations with things to do. [More]

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Best Buy Pilot Program Sends Non-Geek Squad Techs To Your House

Tell us if this sounds familiar: Best Buy has a program that will send tech-savvy staffers to your house to troubleshoot issues with your electronics (while also trying to upsell you on new products).  It’s a service model the retailer has been pushing for more than a decade through its Geek Squad and Magnolia brands, but it’s getting yet another makeover in a new pilot program.

Now Goldman Sachs Wants To Be Your Everyday Bank

Now Goldman Sachs Wants To Be Your Everyday Bank

After nearly 150 years of whiz-bang multibillion-dollar Wall Street investment banking, Goldman Sachs is, for the first time, wading into the humdrum world of savings and checking accounts, by (sort of) putting its name on a consumer banking platform.  [More]

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Wayfair Now Offers To Send You An Electrician When You Buy Light Fixtures

Taking a page from Amazon, Yelp, Google, and Facebook, online retailer Wayfair is ready to play matchmaker with customers, connecting them with professional service providers when they buy a product on the site.  [More]