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New Balance A Few Steps From Its Dream Of U.S.-Made Footwear Requirement For Military

It’s been a long time coming, but New Balance’s marathon efforts to get the Pentagon to require military members to buy only shoes made in America may finally be paying off. [More]


American Shoemaker New Balance Really Wants Military To Only Buy American-Made Shoes

New Balance is on a mission to convince the military that it has to buy shoes made in America. And hey, coincidentally enough, New Balance actually makes shoes in America! Funny how that works out, complete with the potential for a tidy $50 million contract. Or not so coincidental if you’re a shoe company with your eye on a sizable chunk of the pie. [More]

New Shoes Hurt, New Balance Replaces Them

New Shoes Hurt, New Balance Replaces Them

Sean’s new shoes hurt his feet. When he realized that this wasn’t because he was out of shape or had bought the wrong size, he figured it had been too long since buying the shoes, and he wouldn’t be able to return them. Not so when the shoes were from New Balance, purveyors of sneaker awesomeness. [More]