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(Sean-Franc Strang)

Not All Neti Pots Explain How To Avoid Brain-Eating Amoebas

A neti pot is a little pitcher that you use to gently blast warm saline solution through your sinuses to remove dust, pollen, mucus, and other nastiness. This all seems very gentle and healthy, until you learn that incomplete instructions that come with some pots may lead to you delivering pathogens to your brain rather than sweet relief to your congested sinuses. [More]

Got Allergies? Try Pouring Liquid Up Your Nose

Got Allergies? Try Pouring Liquid Up Your Nose

A couple of years ago, I was complaining to my friend about my allergies and she suggested I try a neti pot—she said she had one and it really helped her. I nodded politely but assumed she was crazy, because we were in Brooklyn and because she works in theater. I also didn’t like the idea of irrigating my nose, because the only reference point I have for that sort of thing is diving incorrectly at the public pool, and it’s never pleasant. But the New York Times says neti pots really do work, and several recent studies indicate that they can be effective, and cheap, treatments for nasal allergies.