Tesla Won’t Disable Autopilot Feature Amid NHTSA Investigation

Tesla Won’t Disable Autopilot Feature Amid NHTSA Investigation

Tesla’s Autopilot function isn’t going anywhere, company executives say, despite a recently launched federal safety investigation into what part the feature played in the first fatality crash to occur while the semi-autonomous function was activated, and a reported probe into whether Tesla properly informed its investors of the collision. [More]

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Tesla Probed By SEC Over Fatal Autopilot Crash

Nearly two weeks after Tesla announced the first fatal crash in one of the company’s electric vehicles while operating in semi-autonomous Autopilot mode, federal regulators are reportedly investigating whether the carmaker was forthright with offering information about the crash to investors.  [More]

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Safety Regulators Looking Into Brake Failure In 400K Harley Davidson Motorcycles

After receiving reports of three accidents resulting in two injuries, federal safety regulators have opened an investigation into possible brake failure in several Harley-Davidson motorcycle models.  [More]

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NHTSA Investigating Ford Explorers Over Concerns Exhaust Could Enter Cabin

Federal regulators are investigating complaints from more than 150 Ford Explorer owners that potentially dangerous exhaust fumes may be leaking into the SUV’s cabin.

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Second Crash Reported Involving Tesla Vehicle Operating In Autopilot

UPDATE: Tesla is now claiming that, counter to police accounts of the incident, the autopilot mode may not have been engaged at the time of the crash.

Less than a week after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an inquiry into the fatal crash of a Tesla vehicle operating in its semi-autonomous “autopilot” mode, a second self-driving Tesla has reportedly been involved in a crash. [More]

NHTSA Is Looking Into Fatal Crash Of Tesla Model S In Autopilot Mode

NHTSA Is Looking Into Fatal Crash Of Tesla Model S In Autopilot Mode

Last fall, Tesla released a beta version of Autopilot, a software upgrade that would let the car take over some driving functions, including steering, cruise control, and lane changes. Today, the company announced some sad news: the first fatal crash in of one of the company’s vehicles while in autopilot mode happened in northern Florida in May. [More]

Regulators Close Investigation Into Confusing Gear Shifter Linked To 68 Injuries, 266 Crashes

Regulators Close Investigation Into Confusing Gear Shifter Linked To 68 Injuries, 266 Crashes

A week after the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin was potentially linked to the confusing gear shifter in recalled Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler vehicles, federal safety regulators revealed they have closed an investigation into the issue following Fiat Chrysler’s recall of vehicles now tied to 68 injuries and hundreds of crashes.  [More]

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Jeep Recalled For Gear Shift Issue Linked To Star Trek Actor’s Death

When Fiat Chrysler (FCA) recalled 811,000 Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles in April over concerns about the cars’ confusing electronic gear shifter, the carmaker said it was aware of more than 100 crashes, including 41 injuries, resulting from drivers inadvertently leaving their vehicles in gear with the engine running. The issue is now being linked to the death of a young actor over the weekend.  [More]

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Kia Recalls 219K Minivans Because Hoods Shouldn’t Just Fly Up

There’s nothing worse than driving down the road only to have the hood of your car all of a sudden fly up, obstructing your view. Okay, that likely doesn’t happen often, but for more than 219,000 owners of recently recalled Kia Sedona minivans it is certainly a possibility. [More]

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NHTSA: Self-Driving Cars Need To Be Twice As Safe In Order To Reduce Traffic Deaths

Proponents of self-driving vehicles claim the new technology will decrease the number of crashes occurring on the roadways, thereby reducing the number of driver and pedestrian deaths. But for that to happen, regulators say the new industry must take significant steps to improve autonomous vehicle safety.  [More]

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Toyota Adds 1.58M Airbags To Takata Recall List

Weeks after federal regulators increased the scope of the recall for shrapnel-shooting Takata airbags by up to 40 million safety devices, Toyota has announced just how many of its vehicles are covered by the expansion: 1.58 million. [More]

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After Nearly 1,000 Complaints, Regulators May Open Investigation Into GM Airbag Issue

General Motors isn’t making any new Saturn or Pontiac vehicles, but owners of the many Saturns and Pontiacs still on the road should have some reasonable expectation that their airbags will deploy properly when needed. [More]

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Honda, Takata’s largest customer, says it will recall an additional 21 million vehicles equipped with the parts maker’s shrapnel-shooting airbags after federal regulators recently increased the scope of the safety initiative by up to 40 million airbags. In all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recalled up to 68 million airbags. Of those, an estimated 51 million are in Honda vehicles. [The New York Times]

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Takata Ordered To Recall Up To 40 Million Additional Airbags

Hours after reports began swirling that federal regulators were poised to more than double the already massive Takata airbag inflator recall at some point this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it had amended a previous order and directed the Japanese parts maker to add 35 to 40 million additional airbags to the recall list that already includes 28 million shrapnel-shooting airbags.  [More]

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Deadly Airbag Recall Expected To Grow By Up To 35 Million This Week

Takata’s massive airbag inflator recall could more than double this week, as U.S. safety regulators are reportedly poised to announced the addition of 35 million safety devices to the recall list that already includes 28 million shrapnel-shooting airbags.  [More]


Nissan Recalls 3.7M Vehicles Over Airbag issues

Two years after recalling 1 million vehicles because of faulty airbags, and a year after federal regulators questioned whether that fix had worked, Nissan is giving the whole airbag recall thing another shot: recalling 3.7 million vehicles that contain airbags that might not deploy properly in the event of a crash.  [More]

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Investigation Into Honda’s Inaccurate Death And Injury Reports Closed

Eighteen months and $70 million later, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed a probe into Honda’s failure to report over 1700 injuries and deaths over a period of 11 years without further penalties against the carmaker.  [More]


NHTSA Shames Distracted Drivers With #JustDrive Twitter Hashtag

Distracted drivers aren’t just making phone calls or taking their eyes off the road to text. Many of them are going on Twitter while they should be concentrating on driving. Which is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is trying to shame them into putting their phones down. [More]