Evenflo Recalling 30K Booster Seats Because Kids Can Loosen The Harness

Kids have a way of figuring out how to do exactly what they shouldn’t, which is why car seat maker Evenflo is recalling about 30,000 booster seats over concern that some children have figured out how to loosen the harness all by themselves. [More]

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.9M Cars Over Airbag Issues Linked To Three Deaths

Following the deaths of three people and injuries to at least five others, Fiat Chrysler has recalled 1.9 million vehicles over an alleged airbag defect. [More]


GM Recalling 3.6M Cars For Airbag Issue Linked To One Death, Several Injuries

Following the death of one person and the injuries of three others, General Motors has recalled more than 3.6 million vehicles over a software issue that could prevent the front airbags from deploying when needed.  [More]

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Nissan Tells Owners Of 120K Recalled Cars To Park Outside Over Fire Concerns

The last thing you want to worry about after coming home from a long day at work is whether or not parking your car in the garage will start a fire. For some Nissan vehicles, that’s apparently a possibility, with the carmaker warning owners of 120,000 recently recalled SUVs and sedans to keep their vehicles outdoors until they are repaired.

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Ford Recalls Additional 1.5 Million Vehicles With Defective Door Latches

After two years of federal investigations and one rather large recall, the ongoing saga of Ford’s issues with doors that just won’t stay shut entered a new chapter Thursday, as the carmaker said nearly 1.5 million additional vehicles are afflicted with the issue.  [More]


Mazda Recalls 800K Vehicles Because The Hatch Shouldn’t Fall On You

When you’re putting groceries in the back of your car, there’s a silent agreement between you and the vehicle that it won’t attack you by allowing the hatch to fall and hit you on the head. Apparently, nearly 800,000 Mazdas didn’t get that message. [More]

6 Things You Should Know About What Led Up To Takata’s Massive Airbag Disaster

6 Things You Should Know About What Led Up To Takata’s Massive Airbag Disaster

Over the past two years, 16 carmakers have recalled millions upon millions of vehicles equipped with Takata-produced, shrapnel-shooting airbags linked to 14 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Investigations have revealed the cause of the ruptures, but a new report sheds light on how the defective safety devices ended up in so many vehicles. Like many shortsighted bad decisions, it came down to money. [More]


Mazda Recalls 190K SUVs Over Loss Of Steering

Being able to steer your vehicle in the direction that you want it to go is paramount to, you know, driving. So when that doesn’t work properly, it’s time for a recall. That’s why Mazda is calling back more than 190,000 SUVs to replace potentially defective parts. [More]

Mitsubishi Recalls 80K Vehicles Over Acceleration Issues

Mitsubishi Recalls 80K Vehicles Over Acceleration Issues

Last week, Mitsubishi recalled some 45,000 Outlander Sport crossover SUVs after determining that an issue during assembly may lead to a leak in the vehicles’ transmission. Now, the carmaker is back, recalling about 82,000 Outlander and Lancer vehicles, because stepping on the gas pedal should make the car, you know, move.  [More]

Mitsubishi Recalls 45K Outlander Sports Over Fire Concerns

Mitsubishi Recalls 45K Outlander Sports Over Fire Concerns

Generally speaking you don’t want your vehicle to leak in any way: gas, oil, or any other fluid. For that reason, Mitsubishi is recalling more than 45,000 vehicles that may leak transmission fluid, increasing the risk of a fire.  [More]

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 550K Vehicles Over Gear Shifter

Six months after Fiat Chrysler first recalled 811,586 vehicles equipped with a confusing gear shifter that has been linked to one death, 68 injuries, and hundreds of crashes, the carmaker has issued a similar recall for 505,000 vehicles that are equipped with another version of the automatic transmission shifter.  [More]

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Class-Action Suit Accuses Honda Of Selling Acura Vehicles With Battery-Draining Defect

Connecting your phone to your vehicle via a Bluetooth link can make driving safer. But for thousands of Acura owners, they claim this convenience — a HandsFreeLink Bluetooth phone-pairing system — contains a defect, that results in dead car batteries and the need for frequent battery replacements. Today, those owners came together to file a class-action lawsuit against Honda, the maker of the vehicles. [More]

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Ford Recalls 830K Vehicles Because Doors Should Stay Shut When Closed

For the better part of two years Ford has been the center of federal safety investigations related to certain sedan doors that just wouldn’t stay shut. This week, the carmaker announced it would recall 830,000 vehicles to replace side door latches in certain states.  [More]

Tesla Won’t Disable Autopilot Feature Amid NHTSA Investigation

Tesla Won’t Disable Autopilot Feature Amid NHTSA Investigation

Tesla’s Autopilot function isn’t going anywhere, company executives say, despite a recently launched federal safety investigation into what part the feature played in the first fatality crash to occur while the semi-autonomous function was activated, and a reported probe into whether Tesla properly informed its investors of the collision. [More]

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Tesla Probed By SEC Over Fatal Autopilot Crash

Nearly two weeks after Tesla announced the first fatal crash in one of the company’s electric vehicles while operating in semi-autonomous Autopilot mode, federal regulators are reportedly investigating whether the carmaker was forthright with offering information about the crash to investors.  [More]

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Safety Regulators Looking Into Brake Failure In 400K Harley Davidson Motorcycles

After receiving reports of three accidents resulting in two injuries, federal safety regulators have opened an investigation into possible brake failure in several Harley-Davidson motorcycle models.  [More]

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NHTSA Investigating Ford Explorers Over Concerns Exhaust Could Enter Cabin

Federal regulators are investigating complaints from more than 150 Ford Explorer owners that potentially dangerous exhaust fumes may be leaking into the SUV’s cabin.

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Second Crash Reported Involving Tesla Vehicle Operating In Autopilot

UPDATE: Tesla is now claiming that, counter to police accounts of the incident, the autopilot mode may not have been engaged at the time of the crash.

Less than a week after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an inquiry into the fatal crash of a Tesla vehicle operating in its semi-autonomous “autopilot” mode, a second self-driving Tesla has reportedly been involved in a crash. [More]