Which Fast Food Chain Do Legal Marijuana Users Prefer When Hunger Hits?

When the last joint has been smoked, the vaporizer has run out of oil, and the Munchies Monster is demanding to be fed, where do marijuana users go to feast? [More]


Jack In The Box Serves Up Burger With Grilled Cheese Sandwich For Bun, 3 Years Late

A burger with grilled cheeses for buns was once a little-known, very-unhealthy regional specialty in the South and Midwest. Friendly’s took it nationwide in 2010, making us hungry and just a little confused. You can’t get the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt anymore, but Jack in the Box has brought the concept back to mass-market glory. [More]

This California K.F.C. Sells Marijuana Instead Of Chicken

This California K.F.C. Sells Marijuana Instead Of Chicken

We just love obvious conversions of former fast food restaurants, but this has to be the best one we’ve ever seen. A former Kentucky Fried Chicken has been replaced with “Kind For Cures,” a marijuana dispensary, says LA Weekly.