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Woman Has No Choice But To Arrive At The DMV On A Horse To Get Her License Back

When you need to get where you’re going but can’t drive, it’s awfully handy to own a horse. A Virginia woman who had her driver’s license suspended during a paperwork mix-up decided to take matters (and the reins) into her own hands when she hopped atop her trusty steed and rode straight to the DMV to hand over her proof of insurance. Other non-car methods: Hoverboards, roller skates or hopping on the back of a trolley. [Associated Press] [More]


Philadelphia Restaurant Wants Horse On The Menu Since That’s Going Over So Well In Europe

While our European brethren are in the midst of a full-on horsemeat freak out, here in the States we’re probably safe from accidentally ingesting horse in the guise of beef. But one Philadelphia restaurant thinks people would love a bite of equine fare and is aiming to add horse to the menu. On purpose. [More]