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Here’s A Map Of Where Scientists Have Found Mosquitoes Capable Of Carrying Zika In The U.S.

Mosquitoes are annoying enough, what with their desire to chomp on juicy humans. However, if the same kind of suckers that carry Zika virus elsewhere in the world could be dwelling among us, that could make them more than irksome: it could make them downright scary. So where exactly in the U.S. could mosquitos capable of carrying Zika mosquitoes show up? [More]

Consumer Reports Shares Mosquito Repellent Ratings For Zika Virus Prevention

Consumer Reports Shares Mosquito Repellent Ratings For Zika Virus Prevention

Even if you’ve only been half paying attention to the news, you’ve heard something about the Zika virus, even if it’s only that a bunch of people have changed their travel plans, governments are advising couples to delay trying to conceive children, and someone had to rename a car. It’s spread mainly by mosquitoes, , and that’s something that our product-testing cousins down the hall at Consumer Reports can help with. They test mosquito repellents, and have released their ratings to non-subscribers. [More]


Science Says: Victoria’s Secret Perfume Is A Pretty Great Mosquito Repellent

When the hot, humid months of summer roll around, I usually skip using any flowery, sweet-smelling perfumes because I don’t like to be followed around by clouds of mosquitoes. But just because a scent is particularly odoriferous, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be more susceptible to bug bites, according to a study that studied a flowery fragrance from Victoria’s Secret along more traditional insect repellents. [More]


Mosquitoes, Meet The Electric Fan: A More Than Worthy Opponent

Now that we know whether or not mosquitoes are likely to be coming for us, the next step is creating a line of defense. Sure, there are all those smelly citronella candles and bug sprays and the like — but there’s something even easier you can do, something so brilliant in its sheer simplicity I just want to go around telling everyone I know about it: Turn on a fan. [More]


5 Reasons Mosquitoes Find You So Darn Irresistible

I once had a roommate casually mention that she never got mosquito bites because she wasn’t allergic to the little buggers. Hearing this, while I was grumpily slathering hydrocortisone over seemingly innumerable red itchy skin splotches caused an overwhelming and totally rational jealousy. Why me? Why anyone? Stupid bugs. [More]

Turn On A Fan To Swat Mosquitoes

Turn On A Fan To Swat Mosquitoes

Forget about coating yourself with DEET, turning on that bug zapper or buying one of those gas-powered, suction-enhanced instruments of mass annihilation. If you want to rid your yard of mosquitoes, the answer may be as simple as turning on a fan. [More]

Kids Don’t Realize Phones Have Vibrate Feature

Kids Don’t Realize Phones Have Vibrate Feature

A British paper is claiming that some no good punks have figured out a way to make their mobile phones inaudible to adults.