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Dew Shine From Mountain Dew Looks Like Booze, But Isn’t

Back when high fructose corn syrup hadn’t yet been invented, the phrase “Mountain Dew” meant something very different. While that name now reminds us of a highly caffeinated soft drink, originally it referred to homemade corn-based booze, or moonshine. Mountain Dew’s new limited-edition product is supposed to evoke moonshine while removing corn from the beverage altogether. [More]

An illegal stil seized in Alabama (Alabama ABC Board)

Moonshine Task Force Going After Alabama Bootleggers Like It’s 1924

At first you might think you’ve fallen asleep watching Boardwalk Empire yet again (which reminds me, Steve Buscemi is really nice when he shows up in your dreams) upon hearing that not only is bootlegging whiskey a living, viable business in modern times, but that there’s a special Moonshine Task Force ins states like Alabama designed to go after anyone making and selling illegal hooch. [More]

(Louis Abate)

Firebombing The Pizzeria With Moonshine Is Not The Correct Reaction When You’re Denied Pizza

While we totally understand that there’s nothing quite like the cheesey siren song of pizza after a few too many drinks, in no way, shape or form is it acceptable to try to burn down a pizzeria with homemade moonshine firebombs when you’re refused service. [More]