4 Ways To Slash Phone Expenses

4 Ways To Slash Phone Expenses

Your phone is not only a lifeline, entertainment device and communication portal to everyone you know, but it’s also a siphon that sucks money out of you monthly. Phone companies are counting on you falling into complacency with paying for unneeded services.


Save Money While Spring Cleaning

Save Money While Spring Cleaning

Perhaps the fresh Spring air has inspired you to strike back against the clutter and filth you might have allowed to accumulate around your living space in the bustle of the last several months. While looking to go on a cleaning rampage and make a fresh start, you can find ways to do the job more cheaply and efficiently.


Save Money By Taking Choice Out Of The Equation

Save Money By Taking Choice Out Of The Equation

If you struggle to put money away, it helps to eliminate personal choice by taking money out of your hands before you allow yourself to spend it. Getting saving to seem like something you have no control over makes it easier to set the funds aside and adapt your spending habits accordingly.


How To Save Money When Moving

How To Save Money When Moving

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to haul all your junk from your former residence to your future one. But there are ways to trim costs and make the nightmarish experience more tolerable.


5 Senior Discounts That Make You Wish You Were Old

5 Senior Discounts That Make You Wish You Were Old

Your golden years come with a gold rush of discounts. Looking to cater to seniors eager to stretch out their funds, businesses offer sweet deals to the older set.


5 Creative Uses For Common Items

It’s empowering to discover alternate uses for regular household items. Explore these secrets and you can save yourself trips to the store to get things you thought you needed but actually can do without.


Finding Cheap Dental Care Without Insurance

A lack of dental insurance is no excuse not to take care of your teeth. If you haven’t visited the dentist in a while due to a lack of coverage, know that delaying your inevitable reconciliation with the mouth gods will only give you more severe problems to deal with once you finally go back.


Ways You May Be Letting Money Slip Away

It’s easy to be lulled into regular expenditures that add little to your life. If you’re looking for ways to cut spending, turn first to monthly bills and look for ways to trim or eliminate them.


How To Make A Lowball Offer With A Straight Face

In a tortured housing market filled with sellers desperate to unload their homes, today’s lowball offers are next month’s listing prices. If you’re in the market for a house, you have nothing to lose by disregarding the sticker price and putting in a comically low bid for the property. Doing so as a way to start negotiations is probably the best way to see just how low the owner is willing to go.


Punish And Reward Your Own Behavior To Save Money

Punish And Reward Your Own Behavior To Save Money

If you want to start saving but know you lack the discipline to stash money away, you’ll need to come up with ways to trick yourself into getting into the mood. An ongoing game of mental solitaire could end up being quite profitable.


3 Ways For Students To Save Money

3 Ways For Students To Save Money

College is a minefield of financial disaster, but it also offers unique opportunities to save money. A combination of marketing forces and old-fashioned sympathy for starving students presents cost-cutting opportunities for those who keep their eyes open.


If You Want The Best Electronics Deals, Wait A Few Days

If You Want The Best Electronics Deals, Wait A Few Days

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday grab the headlines, those who wait until the first week of December to buy electronics may score the best deals. According to research by a University of Washington computer science professor, gadgets hit their lowest price levels after the deal-hunting crowds have thinned out a bit.


Ban A Bad Shopping Habit To Save Money

Ban A Bad Shopping Habit To Save Money

It’s easy to become addicted to a daily coffee shop run, eating out for lunch or other regular buys of non-essential stuff that you’ve turned into habits. Regular splurges can worm their way into your budget and undermine your ability to save, reduce debt or spend your money in other, more worthwhile ways.


How To Stop Wasting So Much Money On Food

How To Stop Wasting So Much Money On Food

Every time you throw out spoiled food, you’re retroactively tossing out misspent money. Add waste to overspending at restaurants and poor choices at the supermarket and you could find that food is taking more of a sizable bite out of your budget.


If You Want A Giftless Holiday Season, Now Is The Time To Start The Legwork

If You Want A Giftless Holiday Season, Now Is The Time To Start The Legwork

If you’ve had a rough financial year, or are simply sick of running the stress-inducing hamster wheel of gift exchanges, perhaps you’d like a present-free holiday season.


Stuff You Can Do To Save Money Today

Stuff You Can Do To Save Money Today

If you find yourself in tight financial times, your instinct will probably be to hunt around for ways to cut spending. While it’s tough to make sweeping changes that will result in major savings, you can feel better about yourself by culling together little ways to save here and there.


What Broke Sports Stars Can Teach You About Personal Finances

What Broke Sports Stars Can Teach You About Personal Finances

Athletic skill and financial acumen don’t always come in the same package, which is why many successful pro athletes run out of money once their fat paychecks stop rolling in.


How I Saved $1,000 In Less Than Three Months

How I Saved $1,000 In Less Than Three Months

Sacrificing small regular indulgences can add up to big savings no matter your income level. By eliminating costly habits, you can find more room in your budget to shift your resources toward more valuable ends.