9 Things We’re So Grateful Mom Taught Us About Money

Today is the day we pause to reflect on everything our mothers have given us, from kisses on scraped knees and comfortable laps to sit on, to financial wisdom that has the power to stick with us through adulthood. We asked you to share the personal finance tips your mother imparted to you, because hey, sharing is caring and she’d probably approve. [More]


Barnes & Noble To Train Employees To Not Be Jerks To Breastfeeding Moms

In spite of the fact that every state in the U.S. has laws that allow nursing moms to feed their babies in public, there are still frequent reports (some possibly fictional) of breastfeeding mothers being told to cover up or leave stores, restaurants, and airplanes. In the wake of one such incident at one of its stores in New York state earlier this year, Barnes & Noble has agreed to train its employees that it’s not illegal for a mother to give sustenance to her young child. [More]

Old Mother Brownlee Likes T-Mobile

Old Mother Brownlee Likes T-Mobile

Sometimes Ben uses the royal ‘we’ in confusing ways, like when he talks about ‘our’ appearance on 20/20 (his!), ‘our’ meeting with Edelmann (his!) and ‘our’ girlfriend (which, god willing, Ben doesn’t know about).

In Which My Mother Consumes Five Gallons of Marshmallow Fluff

Summary: Massachusetts Senator Jarrett Barrios introduced anti-Marshmallow Fluff Legislation. It was widely ridiculed, then opposed by a measure to make the Fluffernutter the official State Sandwich. The proposed legislation has been withdrawn; Boston’s children again are safe to engorge themselves on the sticky, diabetes-inducing paste. Malden’s pornographers are similarly relieved. All is well with the world.