Phone Carriers In Korea Accused Of Illegally Subsidizing iPhones

Phone Carriers In Korea Accused Of Illegally Subsidizing iPhones

Here in the United States, our mobile phone carriers are trying to wean consumers off phone subsidies, so we will begin to understand how much our phones really cost. Meanwhile, over in Samsung country, stores have been charging artificially low prices for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, something that is kind of illegal in South Korea. [More]


Sprint Sells Blind Man Wrong Phone, Charges Restocking Fee, Shrugs

Orlando is blind, and had a very specific set of requirements while shopping for a new phone. The staff of the local Sprint store apparently weren’t very savvy about accessibility features on the phones they sell, though, so they sold him the wrong one. Who paid the quite literal price for this error, in the form of a restocking fee? Orlando, of course. [More]


T-Mobile Tells Me I Can Cancel Son’s Line With No ETF After His Move – Now I Can’t

Mobile phone carriers are supposed to let you out of your contract without an early termination fee if you move outside of a coverage area. That’s a theoretical exercise as far as Tom is concerned. His son uses one of the lines on his family plan, and moved outside of a coverage area. Should be easy enough to end that line without an Early Termination fee, right? Nope. [More]


Banned From Boost Mobile’s Facebook Page For Telling Other Customers How To Get Actual Help

Nick likes Boost Mobile, but he needed some help from the company. He tried to call them, but was cast into phone-prompt purgatory. He sought solace and support from other frustrated Boost customers on their Facebook page, and the admin scolded him for “spamming” the page. When a simple Google search turned up a number where he could find a live rep, he shared this information with the masses. And got banned from the company’s Facebook page. [More]

Don't Let AT&T Convince You That Your Phone Needs A Data

Don't Let AT&T Convince You That Your Phone Needs A Data Plan

At the beginning of February, we began hearing from AT&T Wireless customers who AT&T helped out by putting them on a smartphone data plan that they didn’t ask for. AT&T Wireless implemented this policy back in the fall for new subscribers, and is now apparently identifying smartphone users and putting them on data plans. However, you don’t have to keep the plan if you’d rather not…as long as you bought the phone before September 6, 2009 or it is an unlocked device. [More]

AT&T Credits New Customer's $200 T-Mobile ETF Just To Be Nice

AT&T Credits New Customer's $200 T-Mobile ETF Just To Be Nice

Mike shared with Consumerist a story that is almost baffling for many reasons. First, he writes that T-Mobile charged his wife a $200 ETF when there were only 90 days left on her contract. But then a delightful, wonderful AT&T customer service rep offered a $200 credit for AT&T service–effectively paying her T-Mobile ETF and earning themselves two delighted customers in the process. [More]