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McDonald’s Preparing To Launch Mobile Order-And-Pay Tech Next Year

While many fast food chains already offer mobile ways to order and/or pay for your food before you ever step foot in the restaurant, McDonald’s has yet to launch its own version of that kind of technology. But the company says it’s now finally getting ready to roll out a new mobile order-and-pay service, slated to arrive next year. [More]


Walmart Adding Chase Pay As An Online, In-App Payment Option

Despite the fact that Walmart already offers its own mobile payment system, the retailer is opening up doors to other forms of digital payments in an effort to cut costs on processing electronic transactions. [More]

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CVS Launches Own Payment App Tied To Loyalty Program

Two years after CVS stopped taking Apple Pay, the pharmacy company has finally rolled out its own version of a mobile payment app tied to a loyalty program.  [More]

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Banks, Retailers, And Phone Makers Each Have Mobile Payment Apps, Maybe Overwhelming Consumers

Is it possible to confuse consumers with too many apps for making in-store payments wtih their mobile phones? Retailers and stores hope not, since they’re all trying to capture part of a market that promises growth and loyal customers to merchants, and simplicity and convenience to consumers. Is that the case, or are all of these products simply different forms of backup for when people forget their wallets? [More]

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PayPal Drops Support For Amazon, Windows, & Blackberry Smartphone Apps

If you have an Amazon Fire, BlackBerry, or Windows phone and use PayPal’s app frequently, you might need to find another way to complete purchases from your smartphone: PayPal will discontinue its mobile apps for these phones on June 30.  [More]

Fitbit Looks To Turn Its Fitness Trackers Into Wearable Digital Wallets

Fitbit Looks To Turn Its Fitness Trackers Into Wearable Digital Wallets

When most of us think of wearable fitness trackers, Fitbit is probably the brand that comes to mind, but the growing popularity of multitasking smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and others means Fitbit is eventually going to need to offer more than just health data. So it comes as little surprise that the company is looking toward the future by acquiring mobile payment technology. [More]

CurrentC Gets Delayed Again, Half Of Team Laid Off

CurrentC Gets Delayed Again, Half Of Team Laid Off

Yesterday, Walmart deployed its QR code-based Walmart Pay mobile application in more stores in Arkansas and in stores across Texas. In a piece of news with curious timing, CurrentC, the mobile payment solution that was supposed to serve as a merchant-backed alternative to payment systems from Apple and Android, has been delayed again and the company behind it has laid off half of its employees. [More]


Walmart Launches Mobile Payment App In Arkansas And Texas

Walmart resisted accepting any of the big mobile payment systems from companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung, instead becoming part of the CurrentC consortium, then developing its own proprietary payment app. As of today, customers can use Walmart Pay at 590 stores in Texas and Arkansas. [More]

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ExxonMobil Introduces Payment Via Apple Pay, In-App Purchases Only

Giving customers the ability to pay for gasoline at the pump using a mobile app is an ideal solution: encrypted mobile payments are more secure than magnetic-stripe cards, and card-skimmer crooks haven’t (yet) found a way to intercept payment information. ExxonMobil has added mobile payments to their pumps, but with a catch: you have to use their app instead of your mobile wallet, and that app is iPhone-only. [More]

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Dunkin’ Donuts Expanding Mobile Ordering For Rewards Members To Some MA, RI Locations

Dunkin’ Donuts customers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts will soon get access to the mobile app experience the chain introduced in Maine and New Hampshire last year, with an expansion of its mobile ordering and payment pilot program for rewards members visiting certain locations. [More]

Why Did Two Of My Kohl’s Store Credit Card Payments Go Missing?

Why Did Two Of My Kohl’s Store Credit Card Payments Go Missing?

You’re often better off not bothering with store credit cards and gift cards, but sometimes the rewards are too good to resist. Reader Shannon’s family had a clever plan to get extra discounts from Kohl’s and raise money for their kid’s school, but it didn’t quite go as anticipated. Two months of credit card payments vanished into thin air instead of being credited to their account because they used Apple Pay when paying off their bills in the store. [More]

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Tap Or Scan Here To Pay: Know Your Mobile Payment Apps

Mobile wallets and payment apps: they’re supposed to make it simpler and easier to pay for stuff, or at least let us grab lunch when we’ve forgotten our wallet. Yet there’s now a wide variety of payment apps out there, including systems that are only for one brand of phone (Samsung Pay, Apple Pay) or only for one retailer (Walmart Pay). Which can you use for what purpose? Which is compatible with ancient smartphones? [More]


Apple Patent Shows System Designed To Let People Pay Their Friends From Inside iOS Apps

Usually when I’m harassing my roommate via text message to pay me back for the pizza and beer I bought her the night before, I have to use another app to request that $519 (we really like pizza). Apple is thinking about offering another option, it seems, with a patent for a system that would allow iMessage users to pay each other from within the messaging app itself, as well as from within other iOS features. [More]

Samsung Offering To Pay Customers Who Sign Up For Its Mobile Payment System

Samsung Offering To Pay Customers Who Sign Up For Its Mobile Payment System

When it comes to competing in the mobile payment arena, Samsung has a plan to convince customers to pay for stuff with its technology: the company is offering up free gift cards to people who sign up for Samsung Pay.


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Chevron And Visa Try Out Mobile Payments At The Gas Pump

Mobile payment at the gas pump using NFC technology like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Android Pay? What is this technological wizardry? Yes, Chevron is starting to experiment with making the hottest technology of 2014 available at the pumps in its gas stations, starting with 20 stations in California. [More]

Twitter Expands Availability Of “Buy Now” Buttons

Twitter Expands Availability Of “Buy Now” Buttons

A year after Twitter began dipping its toes in the waters of e-commerce by testing “Buy Now” buttons,buttons, the company is expanding its foray into retail sales with new partnerships intended to give more businesses the ability to sell their wares directly through Twitter. [More]

Some Best Buy Stores Now Taking Apple, Android Pay

Best Buy continued its love affair with Apple this week, as several locations of the electronics retailer started accepting the tech company’s mobile payment system. Alert consumers began noticing a few days ago that some Best Buy locations now allowed customers to pay with both Apple Pay and Android Pay, just a month after the retailer’s exclusive agreement with MCX – a consortium creating payment platform CurrentC – ended. The retailer announced back in April that it would start offering Apple’s payment option at some point in 2015, but failed to elaborate on a timeline. [Apple Insider]