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BMW Recalls 91,000 Mini Coopers For Passenger Airbag Issues

Airbags only help to protect a person from injury in the event of a crash if they actually deploy. That seems to be a problem for more than 91,000 Mini Coopers being recalled because the vehicle’s detection system might not realize a passenger is present. [More]

Too Bad: Your Incinerated Belongings Are Not Zipcar's Problem (Updated!)

Too Bad: Your Incinerated Belongings Are Not Zipcar's Problem (Updated!)

We have an update to this story, with a happy ending for everyone except for the ill-fated Mini Cooper.

Is John asking too much from Zipcar? He writes that he and his wife rented a Mini Cooper for a weekend trip. On their way home, their car first overheated, then burst into flames just minutes after they pulled over. The couple survived uninjured, but didn’t have time to get all of their belongings out of the car. Zipcar sent roadside assistance, reimbursed John and his wife for their car ride home, and gave them a credit good for another daylong car rental. However, the company will not cover any of their personal items destroyed in the fire.

The Mini Cooper In A Nutshell

The Mini Cooper In A Nutshell

I just drove a Minicooper. Here’s my quick n’ dirty review of the experience:

This BMW Dealership Doesn't Handle Criticism Well

This BMW Dealership Doesn't Handle Criticism Well

David had a pretty bad experience when he purchased his Mini Cooper from Brecht MINI/BMW in Escondidio, California last year: “Salesman Luis blatantly lied to me about the car’s future routine service requirements,” their employees wouldn’t help him schedule that service, and “they were completely unresponsive when I mentioned these problems to Brian, the service department representative.” When a MINI USA customer service rep called him for a follow-up review last week, he was honest about the level of service he received. That didn’t sit well with Brian over at Brecht, who left David a terse, oddly worded voicemail a few days later.