milk cliff

(Teresa RS)

Congress Reaches Compromise On Farm Bill To Avoid Going Off The Milk Cliff

While there’s still that pretty important fiscal cliff Congress is still trying to avoid careening over, it seems lawmakers have at least reached a compromise that will keep the country from the so-called “milk cliff.” The deal still has to be approved by both the Senate and the House, but if it works, we likely won’t be seeing $7 milk in the grocery aisle any time soon. Whew. [More]


There Is Such A Thing As The Milk Cliff: If Congress Doesn’t Act Soon, Prices Could Double

For the apparently shrinking amount of milk drinkers out there, we’ve got some bad news: There’s a thing called the Milk Cliff, and we’re standing on it. If Congress doesn’t act on a new farm bill that amends a policy from 1949, the price of a gallon of milk could increase and possibly even double. Yes, a milk cliff. It’s a thing. [More]